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Ohio Puppy Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received generally positive reviews from customers. The facility is described as clean and well-maintained, and the puppies are well cared for.

The attendants are friendly and helpful. Customers appreciate the health of the puppies and their good behavior, as well as their compatibility with other pets and children.

Some customers mention the affordability and availability of puppies, while others express concerns about the breeder withholding information on the puppy's background. One customer had a negative experience with the saleswoman, feeling that they were not allowed adequate time to make a decision and were made aware of rules only after expressing interest in purchasing a puppy.

Another negative review mentions small cages and a strong smell of feces in the facility. There is also a mention of a puppy being mislabeled and potentially from a puppy mill, leading to issues with the dog's health and behavior.

Overall, customers appreciate the quality of the puppies and the positive experiences they have had with this breeder, but there are also a few negative aspects that may be of concern to potential customers.

Ohio Puppy Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Kelly Games

We brought home this little guy today! Teddy! PooChon. Sweet pup. This facility is very clean & the puppy well cared for. The attendants were so nice! We knew he was meant to be ours! He’s in his forever home now! Didn’t seem phased by our two cats. Didn’t even so much as bark! Thank you for this new addition to our family

—Update—Took Teddy to the vet for his health check-up yesterday & our boy was given a clean bill of health!


Sarah Renee Rice

We came across organization on accident, and found our new puppy here. They were having a Clearance sale, and we were happily surprised. Our new addition to our family is perfect for us all.


Ashlie Sharp

We purchased a Cavachon here in January. He was a ‘clearance sale’ puppy, assumingly since he was 4 months old, and no one had bought him. He will turn 1 this week, and has the best addition to our family. He fell in love with our daughter in the store, and they have been inseparable since we brought him home. He loves children and keeps up with our outdoor lifestyle very well – loving car rides, trips to the lake, and hikes through the woods.
I was a little nervous to purchase here, since they don’t share breeder information, until after your purchase. But, our guy has had a clean bill of health at every vet visit, and has been loving, well behaved and very trainable.
I’m so glad we made this puppy part of our family ❤️


Sue M

I bought a really expensive puppy (what I thought was a Malshi). After the vet did a routine dna test, turns out that the puppy isn’t a Maltese at all. Was given option to bring her back aster 2 months. Should’ve taken them up on that but didn’t have the heart. The dog must be inbred. The puppy IS from a puppy mill and don’t let the store owners tell you otherwise! This dog cries, screams, has separation anxiety, car sickness, eats toilet paper, sand, bugs, you name it. There is something seriously wrong with this dog. Biggest regret is that I ever stumbled across Ohio puppy.


Lea Tursack

I would’ve gave no stars but that isn’t an option. We came in there to look at a puppy, we had to get our children to a sporting game so we had to leave and wanted to talk about it more. When we came back three hours later someone else put a deposit down on a pup. We were bummed but we decided to look around. We narrowed it down to three different pups. When we were able to hold the first (female shih tzu) she had a large umbilical hernia. Even though the sales woman assured us it would resolve on its own, we didn’t want her – our current pup also had an umbilical hernia and had to have surgery for it, surgery on a “smashed nose” is not something we want to risk, especially with an existing condition. It would be way different if we had the dog and something happened that it would need emergency surgery, then we would definitely do that of course. The second female she showed us (same litter) also had an umbilical hernia, but it was slightly larger. She was helping another customer who was purchasing a puppy, so we had the dog out for longer than we wanted. I finally asked her if we could put the dog back ourselves. She said yes, as soon as we did she told us we had to get from behind the cage. I was confused but we brushed it off. Once she was no longer busy and we were the only customers in the store. We let her know we narrowed it down to two puppies. A shorkie and a Yorkie, my husband wanted the shorkie and I love yorkies, we already have one so I’m familiar with the breed. She brought the shorkie out and then informed us “we cannot keep getting dogs out for you, it’s only for serious inquiries on purchasing”. Unfortunately, that did it for us. We couldn’t make a commitment to spend 1600 dollars on a puppy if we weren’t able to see their personalities and make sure they didn’t have anything wrong with them. I’m completely bummed, we were getting a puppy for our daughters for Christmas. It was going to be a definite sale today. When we told her this she said she was just letting us know the rules, but she had no problem letting us meet the pups. We left and probably won’t be returning. I’m sure this review will go unnoticed since you sell puppies every day, but I felt it that we should leave an honest review of our experience.

Hi James,
Unfortunately, I can’t reply to your reply. So I’m hoping it sends you a notification that I updated my review. This particular incident happened today 12/11/22, right around 230-330pm, which was the second time in the store. She didn’t say anything about the cost reflecting surgery and it wasn’t shown on their card. I do not remember the workers name, I don’t think she ever told us. And I do apologize I used the wrong term with “smashed nose dogs”, I meant flat faced dogs, sometimes during surgery for these, it gets a tiny bit more risky, wasn’t going to deter us away from possibly adding to our family if we found the right one.


Kaitlyn Schlote

Thousand dollar dogs kept in hamster sized cages. Place smells like nothing other than feces and location is very small and clammy