NYC Breeders (Brooklyn, New York)

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  • Rated 4.4/5 with 217 verified reviews.
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NYC Breeders Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

NYC Breeders is a highly recommended breeder that offers top-notch puppies. Customers praise Linda and Pete for their professionalism and extensive knowledge about dogs.

The breeder provides thorough take-home instructions, offers training advice, and has a clean store with a wide range of supplies at the best prices. The breeder's team is attentive and well-informed.

However, there have been negative experiences related to grooming services, with customers complaining about rude and disrespectful behavior from one of the groomers. Additionally, there have been instances where puppies were diagnosed with health issues and received vaccinations too early, causing inconvenience and additional expenses for the owners.

Overall, while the breeder has received positive reviews, it is important for potential customers to conduct further research and consider these experiences before making a decision.

NYC Breeders Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Salvatrice Shipone

I purchased the most adorable Maltepeak puppy from NYC Breeders a few days ago. Linda went over everything I needed to know before I left. She also followed up with phone calls. The staff were very helpful and wonderful. I highly recommend NYC Breeders for all your needs and supplies.


Zhanna Kogan

This place is amazing. I got both of my dogs from here, a German shepherd and a dachshund. Linda is incredible at her job and I still shop there for treats and dog food. You will not find a more attentive and informed team of people.


Aspasia Capetanakis

We got our Siberian Husky from NYC Breeders, and she is the best dog ever! Honestly, I never had one issue with our dog. She is so healthy, happy, and outgoing and that’s because NYC Breeders takes such good care of their puppies. Linda and Pete are so professional, and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of owning a dog. They take care of everything; so, you don’t have to worry about anything except loving your new puppy!

I was so impressed with their thorough take home instructions. They really care about their dogs and spend so much time going over everything you need to know to ensure you and your dog are happy in their new home. I have had dogs my whole life and they taught me things I didn’t know. They are always available to answer any questions and give you training advice whenever you need it. The store is so clean and stocked with a full range of dog supplies at the best prices. This place has everything (and more) you will ever need.

If you are first time pet owner or considering getting another dog, I would never trust getting my dog anywhere else (especially online). NYC Breeders’ puppies are top notch. Go in and see for yourself. I guarantee you will find the perfect dog. We sure did!


yohana vethencourt

I bought my dog here 3 months ago , I was so in love with everything, I wanted to have this place for my dog foods, for all the things that he needs, including his groomers but I have to update my review. I went for a grooming today, I have to add that I made an appointment for last Monday and they cancelled it but for a mistake with my phone number (they wrote bad my number) we weren’t notified at time, so my husband arrives and had to make another appointment, for today ( Saturday), it was supposed to be at 4:30 but at 12:30 pm they called us to say that the groomer needed to go earlier for an emergency, ok, we went earlier (1 pm) and guess what? They shorn our dog. And we asked for the same cut that he had last time ( super cute one btw) but I guess the groomer had not time and decided to just take all the hair of my dog without even ask.
I’m so disappointed, because if you don’t have the time, just said it, and I’ll probably make another appointment or just take my dog to another groomer. I may be so upset thanks to my high expectations but I always appreciate honesty and clear communication. I will not take my dog to that place anymore and it’s really sad. I’m crying seeing my dog looking him to the mirror and crying.


Ansley Burnett

My family and I purchased a Shih Poo puppy at NYC Breeders on April 15 2020. We took him to the vet 2 days later. He was diagnosed as having ear mites, he was underweight, and he had received a set of vaccinations too early (before 7 weeks) invalidating the series. We had these conditions confirmed at a second veterinarian two weeks later. The ear mites cleared up with the treatment.

I contacted Peter, the salesperson, by phone, and he agreed to cover the cost of the ear mite exam and treatment. He asked that I fax him a receipt, which I did. After a week, I did not hear back from Peter, and I emailed Gary Nudelman aka Gary Newman, the owner of the store. I told him about the situation and after some very nasty emails, he told me Peter would never agree to cover that expense. He refused to honor the commitment that his employee had made. Of course he refused to cover the extra vet visit and series of vaccinations the dog should have had at 7 weeks (dog is now 14 weeks).

After spending over $3,000 on a puppy and supplies, I expect a healthy dog, with all the required vaccinations, and excellent customer service. I got none of that at NYC Breeders, and a stressful, rude experience as well. Before you think about getting a dog there, as yourself if you want to spend hundreds extra paying for vet bills and vaccinations the dog should already have had. And do some research on the owner as well.


Julie Urena

Please DO NOT bring your dog here to get groomed. The female groomer employed at this place is extremely rude, has an attitude problem and is VERY disrespectful. While trying to confirm my scheduled appointment here I was spoken to very very disrespectfully and was hung up on in the middle of a sentence by the female groomer. I tried to bring my dog here twice for her grooming appointment and it was canceled twice! The groomer bombards you with calls to try to get you to bring your dog earlier than scheduled and when you can’t she cancels your appointment. If you can’t comply with the groomers schedule even if you have scheduled an appointment, the groomer will claim she’s been waiting for you “ALL DAY”, say she’s been overbooked, she has to leave earlier or come up with any lie to cancel. She also lies and says you’re the one who requests to bring your dog in earlier. I have never in my life experienced such horrible customer service dealing with an employee at any place of work. This groomer does not respect customers, I strongly recommend her employers mandate her to get customer service training ASAP or simply terminate her. You will lose a lot of customers if her behavior continues to be enabled. Or I guess you’re only a priority and treated with respect here just if you buy a dog. I was so excited to come to this place and have my dog groomed here but I will never return. Please beware of this place!