Northwinds Golden Retrievers (Pelham, New Hampshire)

  • 1277 Mammoth Rd, Pelham, NH 03076
  • +1 603-883-1028
  • Rated 3.9/5 with 18 verified reviews.
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Northwinds Golden Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This specific golden retriever breeder is well-known and highly recommended by many happy customers. The breeder takes excellent care of their dogs and ensures they are healthy and beautiful.

Customers appreciate the trustworthiness of this kennel and the kindness of the owners, Gary and Sue. However, one negative review highlights concerns about the breeder engaging in inbreeding practices and being dishonest about it.

This review suggests that the breeder's breeding practices may have led to health issues in their dogs. It is important for potential customers to consider this review and make an informed decision.

Overall, this breeder seems to have satisfied customers and provides healthy puppies.

Northwinds Golden Retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


sebastian bahrakis

Great well known breeder, very healthy, very well taken care of, great owners very nice people. Gary and sue take very well care of their dogs and their kennels. Their dogs are very beautiful and healthy. I know many people who have bought puppies from them and we’re very happy with their dog and recommend me to them. These dogs are great and a very trustworthy kennel.


Seth Gentry

Lol. It will be years before I can afford a dog. Had no idea a golden retriever was thousands of dollars. What a world.


Mike Johnson

On my wish list


Kylie Mae




Very dishonest backyard breeder that engages in inbreeding closely related dogs. We purchased a Golden from Gary years ago. I asked a few questions about his breeding practices, including whether or not he engages in inbreeding. He stated that he sometimes “linebreeds” liters, claiming some nonsense along the lines of “father/daughter” breeding is “linebreeding” and acceptable, while “mother/son” breeding is “inbreeding” and unacceptable. I asked if the litter we were considering was linebred as he called it. He said no. After picking our dog, we received AKC paperwork in the mail that showed the entire line. To our shock, the family tree showed our dog’s father was bred with a daughter. I contacted Gary and had a conversation that went nowhere, where he denied ever saying this litter wasn’t “linebred”. He was unremorseful and very dishonest on other items as well. Also, our vet and own research told us inbreeding is breeding any closely related animals, such as mother/son OR father/daughter, while linebreeding is breeding related animals with a greater separation in the bloodline. Either way, both should be avoided. Our dog developed elbow dysplasia at a very young age and suffered with it for life (surgical options explored offered minimal chance of success and even possibly worsening the issue.) It is not surprising to see multiple family members of Gary posting 5 star reviews acting as though they aren’t related. Please DO NOT encourage this reckless behavior by purchasing here! Breeders that practice inbreeding cause too many dogs to suffer unnecessary health issues, often living painful and shortened lives.