Nature’s Own Kennel (Dearborn, Missouri)

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Nature’s Own Kennel Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had a positive experience with this golden retriever breeder. They appreciate the great communication and updates throughout the process.

The puppies have shown wonderful temperaments and have been well cared for. Customers have found the puppies easy to train and they have made great additions to their families.

However, there is one negative review regarding a husky puppy that was purchased. The puppy has been experiencing urinary tract infection (UTI) issues, and the breeder did not offer much assistance or take responsibility for the situation.

This review suggests that the breeder does not have a contract and may not prioritize the health and well-being of their puppies after they are sold. This stands out as an important consideration for potential customers.

Nature’s Own Kennel Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Brittany Williams

Had a wonderful experience with Nature’s Own Kennel! Great communication and extensive documentation of blood lines and health records. The pups had wonderful temperament and it was obvious they were all well cared for. Elsa (Aster, we renamed her) has been the best addition to our family. She’s playful, sweet, silly and gets along wonderfully with her new 10 yr old Golden Retriever brother and 12 yr old Siberian Husky sister. She honestly has made them more energetic around the home! Her first vet visit checked out great and all the vet techs fell in love with her. We are excited to see her little personality grow.


Renee Micielli

Stella is a wonderful golden retriever puppy. Beautiful, sweet and loves everyone she meets. She has been easy to train. Jennifer was great to work with and obviously cares a lot about her dogs. She was able to hold Stella until after my summer vacation which worked out well. Highly recommend!



We picked up Bella Saturday 8/6/22. She is 8/9 weeks old. I’ve had Bella for 3 day’s and so far good! We are just working on our routine for now. She is my family’s first puppy. ❤ I was kept in contact the whole time & was given weekly updated pictures. I would say the whole transaction/ pickup went great. I would definitely recommend them to people.


Kevin Shutlz

We purchased a female husky on 02/09/22. Transaction was very smooth we were able to complete pretty quickly without any hassle. The main problem is this husky puppy pees every 5 to 15 minutes in little pinches. She doesn’t go full pee, she goes little by little all over the floor. I called the owner of this Nature’s Own Kennel, she offered no help other than that the puppy might have UTI take to the Vet. Since there was no contract she refused to take puppy back but gave advise of sending puppy to husky rescue to re-home. We consulted vet and found that indeed the 9 weeks old husky puppy has UTI infection, we are currently treating with Antibiotics – day 4 still no improvement in the symptoms.

##Response to the breeder’s comments – 02-24-22####
I called Jennifer Snook within 7 days after receiving puppy explaining the problem. The first vet visit was a physical one they didn’t discover anything. Even doctors can’t diagnose with eyes, (they don’t have X ray eyes) unless they do the urine analysis and talk about the symptoms. Jennifer Snook advised to take to the vet again explaining the symptoms. There is a reason why this breeder doesn’t have a contract, most of the other breeders have a contract in that they promise to take the puppy back for various reasons. I would advise others to carefully choose breeders who offer contract with buyer/seller responsibilities. She cares a lot less about her puppies by asking to drop at a husky rescue. After few days of puppy with us, our kids are not ready to do that!

Even through UTI is a common infected issue, we are facing lot of difficulty instead of enjoying the puppy, our experience is very bad. We spend money and time to get puppy to enjoy but not an UTI infected puppy to ruin and to have sleepless nights. Not sure how the kennel is maintained hygienic. I did mentioned to Jennifer only problem is with the peeing not anything else.

Definitely we see a different voice of Jennifer Snook after puppy is sold.