Mystic Zen Goldens (Paso Robles, California)

  • 6390 Vista De Robles Pl, Paso Robles, CA 93446
  • +1 760-212-6264
  • Rated 4.4/5 with 8 verified reviews.
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Mystic Zen Goldens Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Cheryl from Mystic Zen Goldens is described as a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and exceptional breeder who deeply cares for her puppies and dogs. She provides a loving and enriching environment for the dogs, resulting in well-socialized and confident puppies.

Customers appreciate Cheryl's availability and willingness to answer questions even after they have taken their puppy home. She has a long history of therapy dogs and provides thorough information and support throughout the process.

Customers also mention her helpful suggestion notes, recommended items list, and patient and genuine demeanor. Mystic Zen Goldens is highly recommended for those looking for a caring home to get a show, AKC, or therapy dog.

However, one review mentions a negative experience with a rude response from someone associated with the breeder when asking for information. Overall, customers are grateful for the beautiful and well-trained puppies they have received from Mystic Zen Goldens.

Mystic Zen Goldens Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Gavin Simpson

I found Mystic Zen and Cheryl through a friend. What a ‘Golden’ find and yes the pun is intentional. Cheryl has been absolutely fantastic, from the time she told me about my puppy in the litter, all the way to pick up and helping learn how I should train him. I have spoken to her for over 2 years now. I have recommended her to two of my closest friends in the past 8 months and would recommend her and the gorgeous pups to you as well. It’s a drive to Shandon, up the 101 or 5, but all things considered, a tiny investment in time to meet an outstanding breeder and one that truly loves all her dogs for life, even the one you take home. She will never for the puppy or you as she will be with you every step of the way when needed, I can’t thank her enough.


Molly McHugh

I spent years researching Golden Retriever breeders until I finally found Cheryl and Mystic Zen Goldens. Cheryl has been the most thoughtful and knowledgeable breeder that I have ever met. She loves and deeply cares for all of her puppies and dogs and you can see how much time she gives to each litter as our puppy was well socialized and confident. He was the perfect fit for us. Once we got our puppy Graham home, I had many questions to ask her. She was always available to help answer my questions. Graham is now 2 1/2 of pure golden love and Cheryl is still my most trusted advisor. I highly recommend Cheryl if you are looking for an exceptional breeder and Golden Retriever who was born into and raised in a loving and enriching environment.


N. F.

We did so much research and asked so many questions looking for someone to get our therapy dog from. Cheryl has a long history of therapy dogs (it’s been really inspiring following one of the famous ones on Facebook). I appreciated how nice and thorough she was before we even committed to getting a dog from her. Having gone through the process (weekly pictures, screening, puppy personality testing) I am so glad we went with mystic zen.

Cheryl has the Biggest heart, she is soooo incredibly patient and cares so much for her dogs she is a loving, genuine person. From her helpful suggestion notes, how she answers questions thoughtfully, her recommended items list, the time she takes to help answer questions at pickup- she is beyond wonderful and I’m so grateful she, her awesome hubby, Dharma and Gunther helped to raise our baby girl! We loved meeting Dharma and Gunther- they are two of the sweetest, calmest pups (and Grayson! Omg, the kindest grandpa, I would take him too if I could have more dogs!)

Grateful for our beautiful, sweet, partially trained girl, who is simply adorable. Also for all the guidance and help because it’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy and also I just hadn’t realized so many things about dogs (I don’t follow the news enough to know about the new parvo strain, a training company I’d looked at uses mild shock collars!, some dog foods are safer for goldens, etc etc… also YouTube had a lot of generalized training videos that are not actually targeted for goldens and can reinforce negative behaviors.

If you’re looking for a truly caring home to get your “show” “AKC” or therapy dog from, highly recommend Mystic Zen!


Kelly McClanahan

Nice website.


Shanti Kalstrom

The website has zero information so I sent an email to try and get some information. The woman who responded was rude and deemed from my email asking for information about AKC standards and future litters that I should not have one of her dogs. My elderly golden I had had her entire life died this month and I was simply asking for information. Would not recommend.