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My Next Puppy Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

My Next Puppy is praised for their helpful and hospitable staff, making the puppy adoption process enjoyable. Customers appreciate receiving all necessary paperwork and having their questions answered.

However, there are some negative reviews that highlight concerns about the breeder. These reviews mention high prices compared to other options, dogs being kept in glass cages, and vague answers about their care.

One customer even mentions complications immediately after bringing their puppy home, including a severe ear infection and multiple health issues. The breeder initially refused to fully compensate for the puppy's care.

Another customer also experienced a sick puppy with severe pneumonia and struggled to get the breeder to take responsibility. There are suspicions of fake 5-star reviews to maintain a higher overall rating.

It is also mentioned that the breeder sources puppies from puppy mills, and one customer's dog cannot be AKC registered. Despite these concerns, customers still express love for their puppies and appreciate their service dog capabilities.

My Next Puppy Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jimmy Sawyers

Keara thank you for assisting us with our adoption. We love the Duchess. She’s already making herself at home. Thank you, My Next Puppy!


sabrina santy

My next puppy was so great about helping us get our new puppy Anubis ( black Pomeranian) 100% will do again. They also give you all the paperwork for the puppy and answer all your questions.


Tomeka Ray

My Next Puppy, thank you for making my experience and enjoyable one. Denim Kei has settled in well in his new home. Kobe and I are happy to have him join our family. Shaun was very helpful with the process and the other staff including Charles were very hospitable during the process. Thank you so much!


Todd Weiler

Never again and one of my biggest regrets. This is the puppy version of the worst used car experience you can imagine. As with other reviews, it is true that the prices are exorbitant compared to anything! They do get you with the dog that you choose online or over the phone into a small cube. Once you have bonded, then they drop the mother load on you. Everything in me said run away…dogs in glass cages (just like a zoo), and when I asked about when they go out and how long they stay here, the answer was vague, uh, well, uh….I should have left then.
But, we did it and the complications began almost immediately. I had to threaten a lawsuit when we got her home and discovered the next day she had a severe ear infection. The vet explained it was quite progressed and after a few hundred in emergency visit and meds, My Next Puppy claimed that it was all exempt per the contract. Finally after days and the obvious vet report to show this was clearly present before we took her home, the company sent a lousy $36 check. Since then we have been plagued with thousands in vet bills for UTI’s, worms, and what was clearly an underfed and malnourished dog when we got her. Who knows what is next. We are barely 2 months into this nightmare! Our dog is adorable and sweet and we love her, so we will work through this to save her from My Next Puppy. Unfortunately this rescue from this horrible retail front comes at great cost, and I feel an obligation to warn everyone about this horrible business. They are slick with their pitch and fast to gloss over the amazing comprehensive medical coverage that is nonexistent. If you want further proof just look at their responses to the other customers in our same situation; My Next Puppy responds with the basic bad marketing lines of , “we feel so bad” and “we understand your pain and want to help,” while they also point out their contract that would rival any rental agreement and some home closing docs I’ve seen. Don’t avoid this place, run away! This is the first time that we did not adopt, and I will never make that mistake again.


Axel Thorpe

So the place seemed great at the time but now I’ve found they get all their puppies from puppy mills. I looked up the breeder they got my puppy from and he was completely shut down due to abuse and being a puppy mill. My dog can’t be AKC registered because of it even tho they said he would be able to but the breeders aren’t AKC breeders and it’s a ridiculous amount of money for really no reason. I paid almost $5000 for my dog. But I’m the end I love him and he’s a great service dog so


Kathryn Bonorchis


True to their MO with other customers, My Next Puppy refused to fully compensate us for our puppy’s care. Between the regular and ER vet, we paid close to $3000. My Next Puppy offered only $171. $171!

Also, anyone paying attention to the reviews should note that the “5 star” reviews with no description are clearly fake and made to try to keep the overall rating above a 3. The reviews from customers like my family are the legit reviews. Another woman recently bought a dog and just like us, she reported that her dog has severe pneumonia. It’s unconscionable!

If I could give 0 stars, I would. Like so many other people, we were duped by My Next Puppy. Every single concerned comment and review is spot on. They overcharge for the dogs they procure from puppy mills, they sell sick dogs for profit, and they won’t take responsibility for their actions. We bought our mini golden doodle on a Saturday night. The price was 3 times what the sales lady told me the average price was over the phone. By the next morning, our dog was coughing and sneezing and it quickly got worse – we took him to the vet the next morning and they said he had kennel cough. By Tuesday our dog wasn’t eating, became lethargic and the coughing was worse. We took him to the ER vet and they diagnosed him with severe pneumonia. They had to treat him overnight and could not guarantee he would make it. We have two kids who were very upset their new puppy was so sick. Thankfully the ER treatment helped, but he is still not out of the woods, as recent x-rays show his lungs are not clear. We asked My Next Puppy to pay for the ER bills and they refused, hiding behind their contract.

Don’t be fooled by the “5 star reviews” – they are clearly trying to mask the true reviews with fake ones. The exorbitant prices alone make it impossible for anyone to give a high rating.