Mountain Bridge Doodles (Mesa, Arizona)

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Mountain Bridge Doodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Mountain Bridge Doodles is a highly recommended breeder that provides excellent communication and professionalism throughout the entire process. Customers appreciate the caring nature of the owner, Leigh Ann, who offers all the necessary information and support.

One customer notes that their Bernedoodle from Mountain Bridge Doodles has an outstanding temperament and quick learning ability, which is attributed to the breeder's care and quality breeding. However, there is one negative review mentioning a price increase and a miscommunication regarding a breeding, but this seems to be an isolated incident.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the breeder's services, although there is one mention of being blocked on social media for asking too many questions. It is worth noting that one customer was disappointed that their puppy did not resemble a typical Goldendoodle, but they still love their dog regardless.

Mountain Bridge Doodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Lee Shaffer

Very happy with our experience purchasing our first Bernedoodle with Mountain Bridge Doodles. Leigh Ann is a very caring owner and will provide all the information you need about your new puppy. From first meeting to bringing home, and after care. She is always available to contact. You’re not just purchasing a puppy this little fur baby will become a family member that will fill your home and heart with Love.


Ashley Machado

We got both of our Doodles from Mountain Bridge and they are the sweetest babies ever. Lancelot (blonde) is a double doodle and Merlin (brown) is standard goldendoodle. They were super communicative and handled everything with professionalism. We love our boys and are so happy to get to keep in touch and see pics of their parents and siblings


Sarah Reilander

We got our bernedoodle Sally here!

Since the day we brought her home we have been delighted by her wonderful temperament and gentle nature. She is truly the sweetest most “naturally” well-mannered puppy I have ever known. I wish I could take credit for her training but she learns everything almost immediately as if she already knew the command, and that is credit to the breeder! Not just for breeding a great dog, but for the level of care she was given as a puppy before she joined our family!


Viv C

I spent months looking for a Goldendoodle breed for my 9 & 6 year olds and came across Mountain Bridge doodles on IG. They were one of many breeders I contacted. She answered all of my questions about vaccinations, microchipping, health guarantee and the basics when shopping for a dog priced over $2000. I’m a single mom and this would be a huge investment for me so I did ask ALOT of questions, which eventually I noticed bothered them because they blocked me from IG. We had exchanged numbers at that point so I reached out through txt to see if there was an issue, and she pretty much told me she didn’t like my “vibe.” I apologized for overwhelming her with my questions and let her know I was still interested since we had agreed to a $200 discount from $2500 to $2300. I sent her a $500 deposit that same day, and set up a date to meet the pups. We met them in Mesa at their house, played with them and met the momma, which is a golden retriever/Lab mix. The house is huge, and the pups are very, very well cared for! We did not get to meet the dad, which I was told was a pure bred poodle. We seen many pictures though. We picked up our puppy mid April and I paid her the remaining $1800 that day. We have had our smart, patient, loving puppy for several weeks now! He’s fully potty trained and thriving! I am giving a 2 star rating based on the fact that I was blocked from IG for asking too many questions, which is weird to me now that I look back because isn’t that what most people who are paying thousands of dollars for a dog do? Secondly, my dog looks NOTHING like a goldendoodle. He looks like a purebred Goldenretriever. He sheds like craaaaazy, his hair is short, flat, dull and straight. There is absolutely no trace of poodle in my little guy. When I tell people he’s a double doodle, they look at me like I’m crazy. We love him regardless but he looks NOTHING like we expected him to. I paid $2300 for the goldendoodle look and I didn’t get it.


Hilary Dahle

I want to say that this business is definitely run about profit. Which is pretty normal, but I think you should know my experience. Leighann originally started by saying my price would be one number, but when I asked her to keep the dog for one night between the two breeding’s as I was out of town, she doubled the price. She was good about giving me genetic information and following up. However, I ended up moving out of state, and my dog was not pregnant as I had thought originally. I had had an ultrasound, which had shown puppies, but when I went into the vet, she was not pregnant. I let Leighann know, and asked her if she would be willing to split the fee with me and reimburse me half, even though the agreement was a re-breeding. She told me no, and that the reason for the price was because her dog had been proved before I had bred my dog. That was not information she had given or shared with me. I then took a picture of the text stating that the price doubling was because she’d have to keep the dog the night. She then went on to tell me that she’d had to keep my dog twice, when it was only once. When I told her, I would leave a Google review with my experience, she then told me that that was pathetic, and I would give up all rights to rebreeding. This is just to let people know exactly who they are dealing with.