Moonlit Acres (Vancouver, Washington)

  • 5605 NE 179th St, Vancouver, WA 98686
  • +1 360-980-1926
  • Rated 4.7/5 with 59 verified reviews.
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Moonlit Acres Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder, Dana, has received positive reviews for being professional, knowledgeable, and responsible. Customers appreciate that she raises healthy and smart puppies with great personalities.

One customer mentioned the opportunity for their kids to visit and play with the puppies as a perk of being in the breeding program. Another customer specifically mentioned that they were happy with their puppy's temperament, hoping to register the puppy as a service dog.

However, there was one negative review that mentioned issues with the adoption process. The customer felt that the breeder was dishonest and unethical, mentioning a bait-and-switch situation and concerns about the puppy's treatment and environment.

The customer also expressed frustration with the breeder's lack of responsiveness and the poor customer service they received. Despite this negative review, the overall feedback suggests that Dana is a good breeder who cares for her dogs and produces healthy and well-behaved puppies.

Customers looking for a happy, lovable, and smart companion, without shedding, would likely have a positive experience with this breeder.

Moonlit Acres Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Sophia Bell

Dana is very professional & raises fantastic dogs that are treated as part of her family.
She is very knowledgeable & her puppies are healthy and smart with fantastic personalities.
She is trustworthy breeder- and I highly suggest her if you are looking for a Australian Labradoodle


Marie F

I met Dana in 2018 when we got our first Australian Labradoodle. We had such a wonderful experience we got another puppy in 2020. We have truly enjoyed being part of her breeding program. Dana has gone above and beyond my expectations of a responsible breeder. My kids love visiting and playing with all the puppies, one of the perks of being in the breeding program. If you are looking for a happy, loveable and smart companion, you wont regret this breed or breeder. Plus no shedding!


Tom Klingenberg

Recently adopted Tito from Dana and Moonlight Acres, and could not be happier. Tito is 10 weeks old, crate trained, sleeps through out the night, and is almost house broken. He has a beautiful personality and loves everyone. We have taken him to a nursing home several times and he is wonderful with older people. Our goal is to get him registered as a service dog based on his amazing temperament and personality.Dana was great to work with and the adoption party letting the puppy select us was fantastic and we were able to let Tito select us, as well as us selecting him. I am surprised with a couple of the recent negative reviews, In our opinion Dana is a very loving and knowledgeable dog breeder. I would highly recommend Dana and her Australian doodles to anyone looking for that perfect puppy. Thanks Dana !!


Jennifer Poulsen

I attempted to reach this place left several messages and emailed but never received a response in spite of them contacting me regarding upcoming puppies.


Daelon Floyd

I called asking a simply question and the person on the phone was very rude. I found it very unnecessary. Terrible customer service. Would not recommend.


Igor Chulsky

PLEASE READ…DISHONEST AND UNETHICAL! We put a deposit for brown Labradoodle. We were waiting for a Chocolate Brown Puppy. Dana said she is unsure if she will sell a brown one, because she will keep it for herself. A couple months go by Dana called and said she will sell the brown one. However, she gave us an ultimatum that we had to an hour to make a decision and if we decide to move forward the puppy has to be picked up within one day in a very pushy manner (we thought that was strange). This was in the middle of a work week and she knew we lived 3 hours away. We agreed to come a day later since we had to juggle our schedule around. Once we headed down we called to make sure it was ok to come early. She said ” no problem. She set expectations that she will be there herself to go over all the details and for us to plan on spending an hour going over everything during the delivery process. When we arrived Dana was not home. Instead, An employee who handles the cleaning of the puppy’s and dogs was delivering the puppy. The employee was inexperienced and under qualified. She tried to rush us out could not answer any questions or give us any instructions how to deal with the puppy. She was asking for the money before we had a chance to meet or play with the puppy. When we asked to see the puppy, she walked us over to the kitchen where the 8 week old puppy was tied to the kitchen island cabinet handle. Further, we requested to meet the parents and she declined. The entire process occurred in the kitchen around the island with employees and other dogs running around, instead of a separate greeting/play area. In my opinion, The place felt and looked like a puppy mill. To change the food brand for the puppy or dogs takes 7 days to convert to a deferent food brand, Dana was sending us with puppy home with out event a small bag of food. This is show she trying to make money as mach as possible. A lot of breeders for same price you get complete supplies of everything for beginning including the crate and neutering.

Regarding the medical and behavioral issues; Dana had knowledge that the puppy had uncontrollable behaviors and medical issues. This is probably the reason she decided to sell it instead of keeping it. Due to the fact I expressed my frustrations several times to her she offered to take the puppy back. However I’ve already grown attached to her and spent $2000 on medical and other associated expenses, which was not going to be reimbursed to me. In the end, my recommendation is take your $3000 and find a more professional breeder who cares about the animals first and money second.