Misko Dogo Kennels (Lincoln, Nebraska)

  • 8710 Showers St, Lincoln, NE 68526
  • +1 402-499-5938
  • Rated 3.5/5 with 14 verified reviews.
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Misko Dogo Kennels Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Misko Dogo Kennels is highly recommended by customers as a premier Dogo kennel in the US. The owners are described as amazing and the facilities are well-maintained.

The breeder is passionate and knowledgeable about their dogs. The kennels are clean and well-built to accommodate the needs of the dogs.

However, there is a negative review mentioning a puppy with a neurological disorder and no refund or guarantee. Another negative review claims that the breeder produces dogs with allergies and operates more like a puppy mill for income.

Customers should be cautious when considering purchasing a puppy from this breeder.

Misko Dogo Kennels Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Dan Burt

Great people that put out great dogs. What more can you ask for? I don’t and can’t imagine ever having anything bad to say about them. The kennels are clean and very well maintained. Justin is very passionate and knowledgeable about his dogs. I would highly recommended Misko Dogo Kennels to anyone interested in owning one of these incredible canines



Sold him dog food on a few occassions. Hes very polite and nice. Also seen his kennel and dogs are very well cared for. They have an outstanding setup and its very well built to accustom the needs of all of the doggies and puppies….


Heath Allen

We got our Dogo from here last early summer. I can’t tell you how amazing the owners are the amazing facilities they have for these amazing breeds. They are THE premier Dogo kennel in the US


Fermin Carrasco

Buyer BE WARE Dr.Misko took a $500.00 dollar deposit from me & was never able to produce a Dogo Argentino puppy . Dr. Misko kept telling me his dogs did not go into heat . I asked for a refund on several occasions and was denied said “I don’t give people refunds . If you are thinking of buying a Dogo from this breeder I would love to share all of his bs e-mails he sent me .


Rachel Anderson

Received a puppy with a neurological disorder. After 6 months we have to put her down. No refund or 12 month guarantee. Avoided all calls and messages. Truly sad, we were looking for a 10 year companion and 6 months wasn’t long enough


Justin Newberry

Wanted a Dogo for protection work. Mr. Misko claimed his kennel produced them. Received a dogo with allergies so bad his feet bleed. Spend crazy money every month on medication just to keep the Dogo’s allergies livable for him. From spending time at Mr. Misko’s house/kennel, it was more of a puppy mill then a professional breeding kennel. Make no mistake, he breeds for income not quality. Do not waste your money.