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Mini Golden Paws Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had an exceptional experience with Jamie and Mini Golden Paws, describing it as "magical" and a dream come true. Communication with Jamie was excellent, with weekly updates and availability to answer questions.

The breeder follows Puppy Culture practices and provides early neurological stimulation to give puppies an advantage in life. Customers have praised the breeders for crate training and starting puppies off with basic commands.

The puppies have shown rapid progress, responding well to commands at a young age. The breeder also provides helpful resources and recommendations for puppy training.

Customers appreciate Jamie's receptiveness to follow-up conversations and updates. Despite travel distances, customers believe the experience is absolutely worth it.

Jamie is highly recommended for breeding beautiful and healthy puppies and providing excellent care and support throughout the process.

Mini Golden Paws Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Curran Higgins

5/5 stars with the highest regards.

Our experience with Jamie via Mini Golden Paws was nothing short of magical. When I dreamed of my dogs who passed away leading me to a puppy, I woke up and searched for “mini golden retrievers” without having known they existed. After researching them and comparing breeders, we landed on Mini Golden Paws. Not only did we make the correct decision, but Jamie brought our dream to life.

The communication process was spectacular – Jamie provided weekly updates and made herself available to answer questions that we had. We really enjoyed the weekly photos of all the puppies in the litter and learning about what Mini Golden Paws was doing.

They adhere to Puppy Culture practices and start the puppies off with Early Neurological Stimulation. They expose the puppies to new sounds, textures, and people to give the dog a huge advantage in life. We were impressed that they gave us a head start with the crate training, as well.

We have had our beautiful miniature golden retriever – named Lainey – for almost six weeks now.

At the age of 9 weeks and 5 days old, she responded well to: Sit, Down, Yes, No, “Go to your crate,” and especially “Go potty.”

At the age of 13 weeks and 5 days old, she responds well to: Sit, Down, Yes, No, “Go to your crate,” “Go Potty,” “Let’s go,” “Come,” and “Off”

We are currently working on “Leave It” and as an intelligent and food motivated pup, am not worried at all about her learning.

She has been sleeping through the night since 9 weeks old and tells us when she needs to go outside! (We have kept Lainey on a tight schedule that she can learn about and get used to based on some of the guidelines recommended by Jamie and a trainer she recommended to us, Baxter&Bella).

Lainey loves her crate now, and runs to it when I pull out her favorite treat! She is also “auto sitting,” or, sitting to say please whenever she wants something.

Not only are we thrilled with the rapid progress that Lainey is making (with large credit due to the head start Jamie and Mini Golden Paws gifted her), but we are so thankful to have a member of the family who loves us unconditionally. Lainey puts a smile on our faces each day, and we are truly thankful to Jamie and Mini Golden Paws for having worked with us to bring Lainey home to us.

We also appreciate that Jamie has been receptive to follow up conversation, rather it be puppy updates or questions we have!

To anyone reading this review: do not hesitate to connect with Mini Golden Paws. Even if you have to wait or travel a lengthy distance (we drove 9 hours both ways), the experience is absolutely worth it.


Mario Imbriano

Jamie is the absolute best! I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone seeking a breeder. Not only does she breed beautiful and healthy puppies but also gives them Early Neurological Stimulation in addition to socializing them early on.
She always made herself available to us from day one and throughout the whole process. She was very informative with everything from training to diet and beyond. She also sent us detailed instructions and adorable pictures and videos weekly after birth until we took our little guy home at 8 weeks.
It was a true pleasure working with her and feel so blessed to have found her and our perfect puppy!
Kimberly Imbriano & Family


Lauren Ricci

When searching for our family’s next puppy, we were lucky enough to find Jamie in our research. Not only does she breed healthy, happy, sweet, and beautiful pups, but she is a true professional and pleasure to work with! Her 5-star ratings held true for us, and we’re so thankful we found her!

We wanted all of the love, friendliness, and gentleness of a Golden, but smaller so that my children could help with care more realistically (walking, etc.) and we could manage the size. We also wanted a breeder we could trust along this most important journey. Jamie exceeded our expectations at every step of the way! She was reliable, honest, and very responsive. Jamie always responded quickly to our questions, and was a pleasure to work with! She went above and beyond by offering us a facetime meeting with my very excited 11-year old on his birthday so he could see all of the puppies from afar. Jamie had our best interest at heart at every step of the way.

Our puppy is an absolute delight, and we would wholeheartedly recommend Jamie to anyone looking to add a healthy, happy, and 100% adorable 4-legged member to their family!