Milligan Valley K9 Academy (Minerva, Ohio)

  • 14680 Liberty Church St SE, Minerva, OH 44657
  • +1 330-979-0924
  • Rated 5/5 with 47 verified reviews.
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Milligan Valley K9 Academy Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had an amazing experience with this golden retriever breeder's training services and highly recommend them. The breeder's training program has been effective in teaching dogs to listen and respond to commands, eliminating issues such as jumping, pulling, and chasing after critters.

The staff, including Whitney, is praised for their ability to understand dogs' needs and teach owners how to effectively communicate with their pets. The training program emphasizes the importance of calmsness and being a team with the dog.

The use of tools like prong collars and mini educators are mentioned as helpful in certain situations. Overall, customers have seen significant improvements in their dogs' behavior and have regained peace in their lives.

The breeder is highly recommended for anyone looking to train their dogs.

Milligan Valley K9 Academy Reviews

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Brenda Beaber

Amazing experience and highly recommend anyone that would love help training their dogs. We feel confident that we can let our dog off leash and still have control. No more jumping, pulling, eating sticks, or need to worry about her chasing rabbits (or other critters) out of the yard.


Dawn Hart

Speaking a dog language is hard if you don’t know what to watch for or you let your dog do all the talking. Whitney and her awesome team taught us how to understand what our dogs needed and how to get them to focus on us. They took our dogs as soon as we got there with no issues and our dogs did not like people. I was apprehensive on how the interaction was going to go and Whitney taught us that our dogs will feel what we are feeling. If we want them to be calm we have to be calm. She taught us that they read us and we affect their actions. Our dogs have gained so much from the board and train. She teaches you and your dog(s) how to be a team on the same playing field. She shows you everything you need to know to be successful at home. The prong collar and mini educator are great tools. If used properly, they are there more for “once in a while” instances. They brought so much peace back into our lives!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND



We took our 2 dogs for training. They were out of control with running away and even attacking other dogs. Whitney worked a miracle in just a few weeks! It’s like night and day now with our dogs. Although they still try to get away with things like running off, they come back on command and actually listen to us! It’s remarkable! It was well worth the money and time spent. Call Whitney if you need help with your canines!