Millersburg Paws, LLC. (Millersburg, Ohio)

  • 6237 Co Rd 203, Millersburg, OH 44654
  • +1 330-674-4330
  • Rated 5/5 with 2 verified reviews.
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Millersburg Paws, LLC. Customer Reviews Summary

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Customers have had an amazing experience with Angela and her lovely mothers at Millersburg Paws. Angela dedicates her time to raising puppies to be great life companions, providing comfort and extra love.

She ensures that the pups go to the best homes and keeps the owners updated. One reviewer specifically mentions that their puppy was cooperative and friendly, impressing a professional groomer.

Angela's dedication and the well-prepared first 8 weeks of the puppy's life stand out as especially useful to customers.

Millersburg Paws, LLC. Reviews

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Maddie Pedretti

Angela dedicates her time to her mamas and puppies to raise them to be great life companions!! I recently took my puppy to a professional groomer for the first time thinking that my pup would be nervous, but the groomer stated, “She is the best, most cooperative and friendly puppy I have ever gotten to work with…..I would love the opportunity to continue to work with her”.
I cannot thank Angela enough for all the time she spent during the foundational first 8 weeks of my puppy’s life to prepare her for life experiences like that one!


Katie Mowry

I have had an amazing experience with Angela and her lovely mothers. She is an amazing person who truly cares about the little ones and provides comfort and extra love. She always keeps the owners updated and ensures the pups go to the best homes. We love Millersburg Paws and have blessed me with my sweet boy!