Loyal Labradors (Mora, Minnesota)

  • 810 Howe Ave, Mora, MN 55051
  • +1 763-258-9323
  • Rated 4.8/5 with 18 verified reviews.
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Loyal Labradors Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers rave about Jennifer and her breeding operation at Loyal Labradors. They appreciate how much she cares about the bloodlines and puts time and effort into each litter, resulting in beautiful puppies.

One customer even describes their pup as the best dog they've ever owned. Jennifer is commended for her responsiveness, answering all questions no matter how silly they may seem.

Customers love the pictures and videos they receive prior to getting their new puppy. Jennifer's commitment to the health of her dogs is evident, with customers praising the health, soft coat, and overall beauty of their labs.

The individual attention and home-raised environment also stand out as positive aspects of Loyal Labradors. Despite the potential wait for a puppy, customers agree that it is worth it.

The puppies are described as intelligent and quick learners, often attracting attention for their unique coloring. Overall, customers highly recommend Loyal Labradors and would consider getting another puppy from Jennifer in the future.

Loyal Labradors Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jillian Higgins

Jennifer is by far the best breeder I have dealt with. She cares so much about the lines, that continue on. She puts so much time and effort into each litter & each one is more and more beautiful. I was fortunate to get a pup in June 2021, after someone cancelled & he has been the best dog I’ve ever owned. Loyal labs soulful eyes and calm affectionate personalities are everything. I could not recommend Loyal Labs enough. Jennifer answers all my questions as silly as they may be. I love the pictures, videos you receive prior to getting the your new pup. ⭐️


Susan Knoll

We absolutely love our beautiful lab from Jennifer at Loyal Labradors. We purchased a six year old from her four years ago. Our lab is sweet, humble, and gorgeous! We get compliments wherever we go with her. She is extremely healthy and everyone comments on how soft her coat is – it’s like petting a soft bunny. Jennifer cares deeply about the health of her dogs. Her operation is small so you may gave to wait to get a puppy BUT it is so worth the wait. Her dogs are raised in her home and receive a great deal of individual attention. They are healthy, intelligent, strong and beautiful dogs. She is a wonderful breeder who truly cares about her pups. Having purchased labs from other breeders, I can say her operation is above and beyond any of the other breeders we have worked with in the past. Our dog is 10 years old and is a rock star. I would purchase another pup from her in a heartbeat!


Liliana Daniell

We brought home our puppy in March 2021 and couldn’t be happier with our chose with Loyal Labradors. Jennifer has outstanding communication skills and has always made us feel part of the first 8 week process by sharing pics and videos. Our puppy is over 4 months old and is very smart. Learned how to do several tricks in a short period of time. While taking him for walks, people stop to ask what kind of dog is he since they’ve never seen such a beautiful colored puppy. I highly recommend Loyal Labradors. It was well worth the wait to get our handsome puppy! I will most definitely consider a 2nd pup in near future.