Lori’s Labradors (Whitehall, Montana)

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  • Rated 4.2/5 with 18 verified reviews.
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Lori’s Labradors Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers rave about their experiences with Lori's Labradors, praising the breeder for her care and handling of the puppies. Many reviewers mention the calm demeanor and affectionate nature of the dogs they purchased from her.

One customer expresses gratitude for Lori's breeding objective, which focuses on producing dogs with a temperament of calmness, affection, and loyalty. Reviewers also appreciate Lori's responsiveness before and after the sale, as she readily offers advice on various topics related to their new puppies.

Additionally, customers mention their intention to continue getting puppies from Lori in the future. However, there are a couple of negative reviews that deserve attention.

One reviewer recounts a disappointing experience, where they were promised a puppy but later informed that a prior deposit had priority and they would not be receiving the desired gender. The reviewer also raises concerns about the breeder compromising their credit card information.

Another reviewer alleges that the breeder sold them a puppy without the necessary OFA certification, raising doubts about potential inbreeding.

Lori’s Labradors Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Connie Falk

Could not be happier with Lori’s Labradors. We are on our third and have to say they just keep getting better. Would get another now but running out of room on the bed! Lori has been responsive both before and after the sale. Gladly answering/advising on food/training/nutrition. Does everything she can to make your experience the best ever. We will be back for #4 when the time comes. Can’t say enough good. Definitely no taillight policy here.


Catherine Hankinson

Great experience getting our chocolate lab from Lori! Highly recommend. You can tell she really cares about these dogs and that they’ve been handled well prior to going to their permanent home. Other lab owners have remarked upon his calm demeanor as compared to other lab puppies they have had. Our handsome Teddy is an absolute gem ❤️


William Forster

Having recently purchased my 3rd pup from Lori. I reflected on how her and I connected many years ago. A mutual friend recommended I contact her regarding a chocolate lab as a gift for my mother. An introductory phone call led to me getting a chocolate lab Mom named “Shannon.” Mom passed and Shannon spent her final years with me. After a few years my beloved and I had a rescue lab name “Beau.” We felt Beau needed companionship as he aged, he was a pup with Shannon. Contacted Lori again, and along came “Aengus.” Sadly Beau passed and with Aengus being 3 years old we decided on another pup, I traveled to Montana to pick up “Riley.” One thing I have learned regarding Loris Labradors, they all have a temperament of calmness, affection and loyalty. They are awesome with the grandchildren and people in general. I truly believe she has achieved her breeding objective and for that, consider a pup from her a blessing.


Clayton Grewell

Bought a puppy she would not produce the OFA certification. So who knows it might be inbred! She said she will give me a refund. BBA!


Mike Rinehart

I put a deposit down on a female black lab and was told she was available and ready for pickup once the puppy was old enough. I bought a supplement to honor the 2.5 year guarantee, made vet appointments, and planned a 200+ mile trip to pick up the puppy. After everything was in place, I was then told 2 days later a prior deposit had priority gender pick on the litter. Lori Young(the owner) deflected all the blame at me, and she never told me about the pick order. She then compromised my credit card by posting a picture of the refund on her social media account.