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Little Puppies Online Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Little Puppies Online is praised for their smooth and enjoyable process, as well as their knowledgeable and passionate team member, Cheyanne. The breeder is commended for their care and love for the puppies, resulting in happy and healthy pets.

However, a negative review highlights a traumatic experience with a sick puppy upon arrival. The breeder is responsive, but the customer expresses heartbreak over the condition of the dog.

Additionally, an interviewee reveals concerns about the small and unclean cages in the breeder's facility, as well as complaints about genetic and medical issues in reviews. It is mentioned that the breeder lacks certifications and parental information.

Despite this, customers appreciate the breeder's responsiveness and recommend them for finding a good pet.

Little Puppies Online Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jim Redden

Hello we seen our puppy online on a Friday and fell in love with just the pictures. Call the place and worked out the details by Saturday evening she was delivered to our home in York Pa. Even the first evening we thought it was going to be a rough night but it really wasn’t that bad. They already had her crate trained and she did very good at going to the bathroom outside. Well it has been a week now we changed her name from Pepper to Hope. My wife is a nurse at a nursing home she takes hope to work every day . The residents love her and she has a crate there to sleep in. She really took to her new name . Hope is a blessing to us because we had to put our other little girl to sleep 2 months ago she was with us for 15.5 years. But Hope is a very good pet and I hope we have her for 15 or more years. Thank you for letting us buy her and shipping her to us. I will always recommend you to anyone looking to get a very good pet.


Kristel Weisenforth

My Husband and I recently had a wonderful experience with Little Puppies Online when getting our new puppy. From the moment we inquired about their available puppies, the process was smooth and enjoyable. Cheyanne, a standout member of their team, made our visit to pick up our puppy truly exceptional.
Cheyanne’s knowledge and passion for the puppies were evident as she answered all of our questions and provided valuable insights about puppy care and training. She ensured that the transition for our new furry family member was seamless and stress-free. Her genuine enthusiasm and warm demeanor created a positive atmosphere, making us feel confident in our choice.
The puppies at Little Puppies Online are clearly well cared for and loved, as evidenced by their happy demeanor and impeccable health. Our adorable new puppy arrived home and was so happy, thanks to the care provided by Cheyanne and the entire team.
Overall, our experience with Little Puppies Online was exceptional, and Cheyanne’s exceptional assistance made the process even more memorable. We’re grateful for her expertise and the wonderful addition to our family. If you’re looking for a reliable and caring source for puppies, Little Puppies Online is definitely worth considering.


Deb Spangler

The people are awesome. I was grieving the loss of my beloved Teddy. He had been my baby for 13 years. 3 months later I found the perfect new baby to love. Shanna and Cheyenne answered all my questions. I was nervous about starting over. But excited about opening my heart to another fur baby. They helped convince me that Julep was the little one for me. Great experience and wonderful people. So grateful!


evana p

I have a beautiful and amazing havanese – Yorkie mix dog from little puppies online. However, I wanted to write this review a few years later because the experience and sadness still TRAUMATIZES me by the condition I received my dog in from this company. From the moment I received her she was sooooooo sick, barely had any hair, barely any skin on her bones, and a persistent cough. I brought her to various vets and had to heavily medicate her which absolutely broke my heart. My heart ached for the struggle that she had to go through. I was never informed of any of the health problems she had. I was told it could’ve been numerous causes for her heath issues. Got x rays and lots of medication to try to nail down the issue and never got a clear reason why she was so sick from the vet.With lots of TLC she did eventually get healthy which I am so grateful for. I will say that this company was very responsive throughout the whole process, it is still just heartbreaking to think about how sick she was from the moment I received her.


Rebecca Baker

I love my puppy but, vaccinations weren’t given, when they said they had, paid 100$ for chipping, not done, and lied about my dog having a hernia repair. Vet checked and no hernia, no repair


J.P Newcomer

I was interviewed at little puppies online at noon on February 9 2023 for a job at the Red Lion Pennsylvania location of Little Puppies Online . The main office room seemed fine, a litter of 4 puppies were having play time on the floor, they excitedly greeted me and didn’t try to run out through the front door, they quickly went back to playing once I had moved my attention to the interview.
Later we moved down stairs to where the rest of the puppies were held. I was immediately upset and frustrated by the small, unclean, stacked, floor-less cages; with most cages having 2 – 3 puppies in each cage with over 50 puppies total in the basement. Their water was in drip water bottles. Their food was dispensed from a square or rectangular metal box with an angled dispensing tray. The puppies had no toys and only a few had scraps of (what might once been a blanket) fleece fabric for comfort. The litter tray of every cage was soiled with urine and feces. When I asked why they weren’t cleaner, the 2 workers claimed that it was because they were understaffed and too busy. I asked as many questions as I could about the dogs. How often the cages and litter pans were cleaned:twice a day. How often the dogs were let out and for how long: about 2-3 hours including walks “almost” everyday. How old the puppies were: youngest were 10 weeks old; the oldest were over 6 months old.
Most of the cages were medium sized but did not have enough room for the dogs in each cage. It was clear to me that all of them, especially the younger ones had so much energy and not enough space and time outside of their cages. Numerous buyers have complained or stated in online reviews that their puppy/puppies from this broker has or had severe/genetic, medical issues and even a few resulted in early life organ failure and/or premature death.
This company originates in Ohio, no OFA or CERF certificates, no one has access to parental info!