Lincolnshire Puppies (Sullivan, Illinois)

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Lincolnshire Puppies Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Lincolnshire is a breeder that has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers had positive experiences and were happy with the puppies they received.

They praised the breeder's professionalism, responsiveness, and the care given to the puppies. Customers also appreciated the availability of shot records and puppy necessities.

However, there were also negative reviews from customers who had negative experiences. These customers had issues with the breeder's lack of transparency and poor communication.

Some customers received puppies with health problems such as worms and fleas. There were also concerns about the breeder's lack of knowledge about the puppies' health records and the breed itself.

Overall, customers should be cautious when considering purchasing a puppy from this breeder. The positive reviews highlight the breeder's professionalism and quality of puppies, while the negative reviews raise concerns about transparency and health issues.

Lincolnshire Puppies Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Kimberly Bishop

I would like thank Matthew for giving us a handsome little boy. He is doing good and very active. I’m glad he is fitting in with the family


Desiree Mullen

My family adopted a beautiful AKC registered Shih tzu from this breeder months ago and we couldn’t be happier! Alisa was so professional and responsive to our questions and was incredible to work with. She was able to answer any and all questions we had and were flexible with our schedules. We got to meet the mom and all of the puppies. They had all shot records ready and available, a puppy folder set up for us, and sent us home with the cutest basket with all of the puppy necessities. The puppies were very well taken care of and are as healthy as can be! We are so thankful for our fur baby!


Carie Davis

We were a little nervous when getting a new puppy especially through a breeder we didn’t know. Matt and his family made us feel so comfortable and even offered a video chat with Pickles AKA Gianna. She arrived a few days later via transport. She is the best dog ever! She plays and loves to cuddle up. She knows how to fetch her ball and her other toys. She slept in her crate with no crying from the very first night. She loves other people and dogs and is just such a joy. You can tell she was definitely well loved before she got here. If we are ever looking for another puppy we will definitely look at Lincolnshire puppies again! Even my husband loves her!


Alexa G.

I recently purchased a puppy from Lincolnshire. Upon walking in everything seems normal! But the experience was overall awful to say the least. I was never shown the parents of the litter I requested to see. I was given simple answers to the questions that I asked about the litter in general. Our little guy was attached to me so I couldn’t leave him! I was presented with a contract stating the dog was deemed in good health by a veterinarian and happily paid for the puppy through PayPal. I was told I would get an email copy of the vaccine records. After reaching out to Matthew they tell me they have not actually taken the puppies to the vet yet but would be happy to help make things right! The puppy was in fact infested with worms and had bloody stool. I messaged the seller and my number had been blocked. I was unable to reach the seller for hours. I finally messaged them on PayPal(how I purchased the dog) & demand a refund. I honestly hope no one else has to experience what we went through purchasing a dog from this seller. Their intentions are about making money & not the actual well being of their litters. I honestly think if I would have paid in cash I wouldn’t have gotten any type of accommodation for this. After multiple vet visits & test our little guy is healthy, but my heart hurts for the rest of those puppies & for anyone that has been deceived by this seller as well.


Collin Allen

I would NOT recommend purchasing a puppy from Lincolnshire! I have purchased puppies from multiple different breeders and never had an experience like this. I am still very confused on how this breeder and ‘partners’ operate. I first communicated with Matt via text. Every response was short. This made me feel like a bother when I was trying to get information about a white boxer puppy. I asked for a few additional photos than what was on the website and never received any. I was very interested in the puppy so I drove the 2 hours to visit the puppy to have my questions answered in person by Matt’s boxer breeder (partner). I thought they could have been answered by the breeder (partner) since they had been caring for the dog since birth. I found this arrangement strange but was interested in the puppy. When I arrived to the location I was provided, a woman came out and asked if she could help me. I told her I was there to meet a white boxer puppy. She seemed confused and unaware we were coming. When finally meeting with Larry (breeder/partner) he brought out the boxer puppy and she was very dirty and not well groomed. We wanted to ask more questions and give her a chance since we had the intentions of bringing her home. As we dug further and asked more questions it was evident that the breeder didn’t have answers. He couldn’t tell us exactly how old the puppy was. He referred to her as him multiple times. Refused to show us pictures of the puppies dad and didn’t know anything about the vet records for the puppy. The breeder was also unaware of white boxer health concerns. If you know anything about white boxers there are a percentage that have hearing issues/deafness. This would not deter us we just wanted to know so we could properly care for this puppy. Still at this point I wanted the puppy and wanted to give her a good loving home. I asked if I could have the vet records and was told he didn’t have them. He had to call Matt who had them. Several minutes later a van pulled up, a young man got out and handed Larry the papers, never once acknowledged my presence, and got back in his car and left. It was at this point that I could not justify paying $800 to a person who knew nothing about the puppy he had raised. Did not have the records for (records that didn’t even have the name on them) the puppy. Sadly, we left with no puppy concerned about its future well being. It was a strange circumstance that they only had one boxer puppy and one female boxer yet they knew nothing about this puppy.


Cody Thorn

my wife and myself bought a corgi puppy and less than 24 hours later, We discovered a couple fleas on her and worms in her stool. They will not answer our calls when we try to reach out to them. I will not do business with them ever again.