LaKobie Labs (Roanoke, Virginia)

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  • Rated 3.7/5 with 21 verified reviews.
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LaKobie Labs Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had mixed experiences with Lakobie Labs. Some reviewers have had amazing experiences, praising the breeder's helpfulness, customer service, and the quality of their puppies.

They highlight the breeder's availability for questions even years after purchasing a puppy and the well-socialized and healthy nature of the puppies. However, other customers express frustration and disappointment.

They were not informed about their position on the waiting list and were ultimately told they did not make the list, resulting in lost deposits. They criticize the breeder's lack of transparency, professionalism, and refusal to refund deposits.

These negative reviews caution potential customers to seek a puppy elsewhere and highlight potential issues with the breeder's integrity and business practices.

LaKobie Labs Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Patricia Giovannini

About 1.5 year ago I lost my lab unexpectedly and I never thought I would have another one after.
December 2021, my husband surprises me with a camera, showing me some chocolate puppy labs that were about 4 weeks old. He said, one of those is yours. My initial reaction was tears, of happiness but also tears of sadness because it wasn’t my yellow lab.

Fast forward 10 months and I could’ve never been happier. The breeders are not only amazing in raising healthy and strong pups, but still after almost a year we have a private group where we can ask any question and Janet is right there for you. Giving all advice she can!

I 100% recommend adopting your puppies from Lakobie Labs. They truly care for your puppy!


Jessica H

Amazing experience getting a puppy from them. Janet and family were extremely helpful making sure we had everything we needed for our boy to be successful. Ranger is the bestest boy! Janet is always available for any questions we have, even almost 4 years later. Their puppies are well socialized, confident and healthy. The puppy cam is a bonus too! I recommend them to anyone searching for labs!


Jose Chacon

Loved everything from the beginning phone call to all the way to picking up our puppy. Outstanding customer service, really felt more like becoming part of a family vs making a purchase. I could not recommend Lakobie Labs any higher!


Kevin Smith

All the resent reviews nailed it. They had 5 stars when I contacted them initially. Very unprofessional the whole way, but I figured it was because they were just a couple and out of their house. Paid the deposit 6 months prior to the expected date that the pups would come home. They would not give a definite answer for where on the list I was, but did say I shouldn’t worry and I was towards the top. After they were born I was told I didn’t make the list. The deposit is non-refundable and I’m not sure if a list even exists. Scammed people out of thousands in deposits knowing many of us were not going to get a puppy.


Frank Thompson

I, too, echo the same story as the one just listed. I also was told in September 2020 that a new litter was due in November and our puppy would be ready for pickup in approximately February 2021. So we sent our deposit of $300 to hold our spot. My daughter had been wanting a puppy for some time and I convinced her to hold on for a few more months, that her puppy would arrive soon. What this breeder didn’t disclose was that we were 16th on their waiting list and that we may not be far enough up on their list to get a puppy this litter. Had I known that, I would have looked at other options since that would mean waiting even longer,. We were told yesterday we didn’t make it and did not find out where we were on their listing until I asked. When I expressed my disappointment for not being forthcoming, instead of getting an apology for their miscommunication, I received a sanctimoniously written lecture via Messenger that I should better appreciate the hard work they and their female dogs do and that I should better educate myself on what breeders go through. You think they feel a sense of entitlement? Needless to say I advised them as a business owner, they should learn more how to apologize to their customers for their miscommunication and leading customers to believe they would be getting one of the puppies from the next litter, and appreciate the sacrifices their customers make to pay them close to $2000, and the hard work and expense they experience to get their house and yard ready for an upcoming puppy arrival. They gave me ZERO indication how far we were down their list, but they sure were very accepting of my $300 deposit – which they refuse to refund. So that ought to tell you about the integrity of this business. I told them to enjoy it as it will motivate me more to tell anyone who will listen about my infuriating experience with Lakobie Labs and make damn sure everyone has a clear understanding of their business practices so no one will never have to see the disappointment in the eyes of their kid like I had to yesterday. BEWARE!!!! Don’t learn the same hard lesson I did – seek your puppy elsewhere.


Debra Gilmore

We paid our deposit for a puppy. two months before the puppy was due and we filled out an application. At the time the puppies were born, we were told that “we didn’t make the list”. They refused to refund our deposit money saying it was non-refundable!! They did not tell us this at the time we made the deposit. These people have no integrity at all. Stay clear of them. We will never do business with them again. We found out about the way they do business the hard way. Buyer beware!!