Labradoodles of Long Island (Setauket- East Setauket, New York)

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Labradoodles of Long Island Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder is highly recommended by satisfied customers who have had positive experiences with their puppies. Customers have praised the breeder for their caring and professional approach, as well as the high quality and health of their dogs.

The breeder provides helpful literature and resources to support new puppy owners and maintains a website for ongoing communication with littermates. The breeder is described as knowledgeable, concerned about ensuring great homes for their puppies, and meticulous in their breeding records.

These positive reviews highlight the breeder's expertise, dedication, and the outstanding temperament and appearance of their dogs. However, there is one negative review that mentions issues with communication and a disappointing experience with the breeder, including concerns about the health and quality of the purchased puppy.

It should be noted that this negative review stands out among several positive ones.

Labradoodles of Long Island Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Joe Kuhn

Eileen & Labradoodle of Long Island are a pleasure to deal with. I couldn’t say enough nice things about her and how we first met and got our dog. It was a pleasure and we absolutely love our Chewie. He has become a member of our family and besides some allergies he is absolutely perfect. He is over 2 years old now and we went back to see his mom a year ago. Eileen was so nice and reunited mother and son for a quick meeting. It was a blast. I grew up with German shepherds my whole life and loved those dogs, but after getting a dog from Eileen I will always get labradoodles. Chewie is the best dog I have ever had.


Frederick Peritore

Fabulous breeder. The dogs are well bred and have magnificent personalities and looks. Toper loves his beautiful line of puppies. Max is a beauty in his own right. The best around! Eileen is caring, concerned and maintains excellent breeding records. She painstakingly assures great homes before releasing any puppy. Five plus stars!


Linda Parent

We have to most perfect dog thanks to Eileen. We got our puppy and had very little problems training her into a terrific adult. The care she had from birth made all the difference. She is extremely smart, loving and very healthy. The other key here is the literature Eileen provided to give us the best advice to help our puppy grow. The website she runs helps you keep in touch with littermates and makes me smile on a weekly basis. I would recommend this breeder to anyone. Worth every Penny! Thank you.


Justin Nitz



Vanessa Jerome

If you want a real Labradoodle look elsewhere!!!! We had an absolutely horrible experience with Labradoodles of LI. Firstly the wait for our puppy was a nightmare.The Breeder forgot who we were every single time we spoke. When we sent our deposit, she told us we were getting a RED parti. But then when the photos went up, they were light beige and white. She then said that the red parit’s had been born, but they were all promised to other people!! Since there didn’t seem to be another option, and the puppy was for our daughters Birthday, we went to pick up one of the light beige and white puppies. The Breeder gave us the day and time, and we drove 3 hours to get there. But guess what? when we got there she had completely forgot about the appointment!! After waiting outside she finally got home and ushered us in to the room where some of the puppies were. She then went through a door to the house. When the door opened about 6 older and overweight Labradoodles tore into the room. They were all poorly trained (wouldn’t listen when she was telling them to get out) And they all had bangs – hair that grows directly down over their eyes (an unwanted trait for labradoodles). We immediately realized this was not a good breeder at all, but since we had given our deposit, and had our 7 year old daughter was eagerly awaiting a puppy, we could not back out. Then as if we hadn’t been through enough, she informed us that the pup were getting was the runt of the littler and weighed half as much as the others!!! When she saw how upset we were, she suddenly said “you know what I think I can get you one of the red and white ones that you wanted, they’re in the other room, I’m just going to need to make a phone call” It was sooo weird!!!! Then after 10 mins, she came back and said “nope can’t do it, they’re all taken.” UNBELIEVABLE!!!
So, long story short we paid over 5K for a dog who only grew to 15 inches even though we have him on the best quality food and vitamins. He has a very awkward shaped body (the Vet told us he didn’t think he was a labradoodle). Oh and that reminds me, when I asked the breeder for his papers, she said “um I don’t give any papers” LOL!!! Our other Labradoodle (from Denver) who cost the same amount, came with a 2 inch thick folder filled with all the info about his pedigree!
Anyway…. of course we love our totally awkward, not very bright, very badly bred little guy (as we love all dogs) but the fact that we paid of 5K for him makes all our friends and neighbors laugh and laugh. Everyone says “The so called breeder should have paid you, not the other way around.”


Alexia Kim

Not sure what happened here but I placed a puppy on reserve with the $1000 deposit prior to the covid outbreak and then due to my circumstances in 2020 I couldn’t pick up the puppy at the time. Fast forward to 2021, I contacted Eileen and asked her if I could still pick up a puppy or if I had to forfeit my deposit (which I understood I could since I didn’t pick up the puppy in 2020), she said I could still pick one up. However, once the puppies were born she updated her website but never contacted me or responded to my requests about when I should be picking up a puppy. Should have just told me that my deposit was forfeited instead of the silent treatment.