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Kentfield Kennels Labrador Retrievers LLC Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers consistently gave positive reviews of Kentfield Kennels, highlighting the health, intelligence, and gentle nature of the puppies they received. The DNA testing and OFA clearances conducted by the breeder were greatly appreciated.

The staff, particularly Laurie and Jane, were praised for their patience, competence, and professionalism. The starter puppy training program was highly recommended for first-time lab parents.

Customers were impressed with the puppies' progress in training and their adaptability to new environments. However, there was a negative review that claimed the breeder was dishonest about a parvo outbreak and exhibited poor communication and lack of integrity.

It is important for potential customers to ask questions about the breeder's health records and refund policies. Overall, Kentfield Kennels received positive feedback for their healthy and well-trained puppies.

Kentfield Kennels Labrador Retrievers LLC Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jane Rossi

I am a dog trainer and I have trained many Kentfield labradors. I loved them so much that I had to get my own!
Evie is almost 4 now and she is such a healthy, intelligent, and gentle girl. She is the greatest dog I could have ever asked for.
I really appreciate all of the DNA testing and OFA clearences they do, all of their adult dogs and puppies are healthy, happy, and well socialized.
I am so grateful to Kentfield Kennels, Laurie, and the whole Soloski family for the wonderful work they do with these dogs, and for giving my family our sweet girl Evie!


Magdalena Chan

Laurie and her team have been very helpful to select a puppy for me that meets my needs for a therapy dog. I have bought 2 puppies from Laurie. While the first one is on the energetic side, the second one has a very good temperament and receives many compliments as a puppy. The starter program is what I would strongly recommend, especially for first lab parents. My puppy was able to walk nicely in a leash when I brought her home and is easily potty-trained and crate-trained. I am extremely happy with the puppy and I am now training her to be a therapy dog. Only after 3 classes in a puppy group, she was brought into an advanced group walking along dogs older and bigger than her. While there are a few things she needs to pick up to pass as a therapy dog, I cannot be happier and I look forward to her bringing happiness and joy to others as much as what she has been doing for me. Thank you Laurie and her team!


Kevin Rugg

We had a great experience with getting our puppy from Laurie. She was very patient in answering our questions and helping us make sure that we had the right dog for our situation. We opted to go through their started puppy training program and as we visited every two weeks, we were always extremely impressed with how competent they were and how well they treated the puppies under their care. Their trainer, Jane, let us know each time what they were currently focusing on that week.

We just brought our puppy home this past week and are confident that he is happy and healthy and well on his way with his training to fit in perfectly with our household. I highly recommend Kentfield Kennels.


Kristen Jeffries

DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM THIS PLACE. She sold me an extremely ill puppy. My puppy spent 5 days at home, 3 days in ICU (and an astronomical vet bill later), my puppy died.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she then lied about the illness, blamed me, and has since taken no responsibility or apologized, and then blocked me on social media.


Dave Collins

Never bought a puppy here. Didn’t make it that far. But I’ve learned already that communication is a glaring problem for them. I had a horrible experience in 2020 just trying to get basic questions answered. I had paid a deposit to get in line for a puppy. So far, so good. For months thereafter, however, I got no answer to my repeated voicemails and emails inquiring about puppy availability and my position on the waiting list. Total silence. I eventually threw in the towel and got my deposit back. Just know going in that communication’s a weakness here.

Laurie’s response hereto omits the fact that her quoted September 2020 email came after the months of silence described above. And I did try contacting her via her website as well as by email and voicemail. Kentfield obviously has top-quality Labs. Just don’t expect much in the way of communication, if my 2020 experience is indicative.


Kristen Millman

The lack of integrity from Kentfield Kennels is only exacerbated by the inaccurate response to my original post below. The situation was extremely heartbreaking, no doubt, but this negative review is just as much to shed light on Laurie’s/Kentfield’s actions during this time, as it was the loss of our puppy.

The facts are as follows:
1. The Parvo originated in Kentfield Kennels
**This was confirmed by veterinarians who treated 3 other puppies diagnosed with Parvo (that we are aware of) from the same litter at Kentfield.
2. You vehemently denied that other puppies in your possession had parvo when asked about it directly (Knowing in writing and by phone that other puppies had Parvo. Blatant deceit and lies to your puppy’s owners to protect your “brand” and business).
3. I contacted you after 5 days (not two weeks) after bringing home our puppy. You consistently ignored my calls/emails/messages even though I left VM saying it was urgent as we were concerned about the rest of the puppies in the litters at your house
4. The puppy’s original bill of health was not clear (Ear infection, Giardia, Parvo)
5. You did not refund us in full, or even close. You played a legal card and we lost thousands of dollars on top of a devastating loss.

For the record, I have call logs, emails, recorded phone calls with timestamps, and payments (or lack thereof) to confirm. As I originally wrote, I warn anyone getting involved with someone like Laurie and Kentfield. Alas, We learned a very important lesson, and encourage those inquiring about puppies at Kentfield to ask the following questions and compare with facts above.
1. How many other puppies in that litter, or other litters in 2020, that came from Kentfield and contracted Parvovirus?
2. Did you make the other owners aware about the Parvo that came from your facility?
3. Do you have the “clear” bill of health records as proof?
4. Do you have your “proof of payments” confirming our refund in full?