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Just Behaving Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers rave about their experiences with Dan and Just Behaving. They highlight Dan's knowledge and expertise in raising and training dogs.

The puppies purchased from this breeder are described as sweet, mild-tempered, and well-socialized with other animals and people. Customers attribute these positive traits to Dan's gentle and calm approach to raising dogs.

Reviewers also mention that the dogs from this breeder have great personalities and are kid-friendly. These positive reviews indicate that customers highly recommend this breeder and emphasize the exceptional qualities of the puppies.

However, there are a couple of negative reviews that mention health issues in the purchased puppies. Two reviewers report that their golden retrievers were diagnosed with serious health conditions, including lymphoma/lymphocytic leukemia and acute leukemia.

These reviews express disappointment with the breeder's lack of responsiveness when informed about the health issues. Concern is also raised about the breeding practices and whether the parents of the puppies affected by these health problems are still being used for breeding.

These negative reviews serve as a cautionary note for potential buyers to be aware of the health risks associated with purchasing a puppy from this breeder. One reviewer also mentions a genetic skin condition, called Ichthyosis, diagnosed in the purchased puppy.

The reviewer expresses frustration with the breeder's delay in refunding their expenses for treating the condition. This review suggests that potential buyers should be cautious when considering purchasing a puppy from this breeder, particularly if they are concerned about genetic health conditions.

Overall, the positive reviews highlight the breeder's knowledge, the puppies' exceptional temperament, and their compatibility with children and other pets. The negative reviews raise important concerns about potential health issues and the breeder's responsiveness.

Prospective customers should take these factors into consideration when making a decision.

Just Behaving Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Beth Crowley

Kona is the best thing that ever happened to me! Kona is the most relaxed, sweet, best personality dog you’ll ever find. He loves fireworks. He loves people. He loves children, he loves to cuddle. He literally is the best dog I could ask for. I believe it’s really because of the breeder, and the environment the dogs are in and how train their dogs. Can’t recommend them enough!


Lauren Sargent

Sammy is the love of our family. She is the sweetest, best natured dog I’ve ever had. She LOVES anything alive: her people, other dogs, and even the ground hog in the backyard. She is fantastic off leash in the woods or at the beach, and is always running back to check on her people. She is SO kid friendly! She loves dance parties with kids when we host sleep overs, let’s the kids squirt her with the hose in the summer, and chases after them down the sledding hill during winter. She is also my son’s favorite pillow.

I can’t recommend these dogs enough. They are so special.


Maria Kendall

We had such a wonderful experience working with Dan at Just Behaving. He is very knowledgeable about raising and training dogs. We purchased our puppy, Nash, from him last summer and he is the sweetest dog ever. From day one, Nash has been mild tempered and gets along well with other dogs, pets and people. We attribute this to the gentle and calm spirit of Dan and his dogs.



I bought a puppy from here December 5. Her stomach was black and she had lots of dandruff. She was diagnosed with a genetic skin condition called Ichthyosis. We have spent close to $2000 having her treated and over $600 for the biopsy Dan said we needed in order to get a refund. After agreeing to refund us on Feb 25 we didn’t get a check until March 28th (even though we had to venmo him money) and he kept lying saying it was in the mail. And then he withheld the sales tax $203 – which again he said “checks in the mail” -we have never gotten it. There is no cure for Ichthyosis and it makes our puppy pretty uncomfortable. Her parents are part of Dan’s regular breeding stock so a gamble that many more won’t have it. I’d say be very cautious buying a puppy from him. You can see in the picture from the first day we got her how black her stomach is, which is hyper pigmentation, and how much dandruff she has.


Laura McLane

My less-than-three year old golden that I got from this breeder in October of 2020 was diagnosed with acute leukemia at the end of April of this year, and passed away within weeks of diagnosis. Acute leukemia is a horrible cancer caused by a genetic mutation gone awry in the bone marrow. When I informed the breeder of the diagnosis, he was not very responsive, which was surprising and concerning. I have heard of other dogs from this breeder having issues, and prior to his diagnosis, Louie experienced all kinds of health issues (including some reported by others on this thread). But, he was a great boy and I miss him more than I can describe. His loss has been devastating. Given the shattering loss, I am so disappointed by the lack of responsiveness. I also don’t know if Louie’s parents are still being used to breed, which would concern me.



Our sweet 3 year old girl Belle, a golden retriever, has lymphoma/lymphocytic leukemia. Same as someone else has reported for their 2 year old golden retriever purchased from this breeder. We are now involved in trying to bring her into remission, an expensive proposition, but we can’t just let her pass away at such a young age. This is such a heartbreaking experience. Please beware of buying from this breeder. I am sure there are more stories out there just like ours.