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Johnsen Family Goldens Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received positive reviews for their reasonable pricing and quality care in bringing up golden retriever puppies. Customers appreciate the breeder's communication and willingness to answer questions, as well as their commitment to finding loving homes for the puppies.

The puppies are described as healthy, well-adjusted, and smart. One reviewer even mentions that their vet complimented the puppy's appearance.

However, there is also a negative review stating that the breeder sold a sick puppy and refused to cover the vet bills, blocking the customer on social media when they shared their story. This negative experience raises concerns about the breeder's reputation and their response to customer concerns.

Johnsen Family Goldens Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Brent Davis

Evening Elizabeth, I’d like to let you know how happy we are with Daisy! Currently she’s asleep at my feet! You provided us with the opportunity to continue our love for these dogs with your reasonable pricing and quality care you put into bringing them into this world and into a loving household from the start because anyone that cares for these dogs knows that’s just the start ❤️! Daisy is happy and healthy and full of spunk! Our family has around 50 years of experience raising and training golden retrievers to be not only your best friend but provide comfort to others along the way! Shortly Daisy will start training to see if she has the temperament and personality to be a therapy dog at children’s hospital here in Nashville. My company volunteers time and effort to their needs and I really hope Daisy has the personality. So far so good! We’ll keep you updated on her progress and if it turns out she’s a little too lively then I guess Becky and I will just have to love and spoil her ourselves! FYI, she’s already got her own swimming pool!! To anyone that reads this I’ll say one thing! These are the type of people you want to purchase your new family members from! When they’re born , they’re fed well, and cared for by a few of the younger johnson family girls that make you feel guilty when you take them home! And that’s the way it should be!! Thanks again and we’ll let you know how it goes!


Anna Givan

It was such a pleasure working with Elizabeth! She was very easy to communicate with and you can tell that she cares about the well-being of her dogs and wants to find the puppies a loving home. She had no issues answering all of my questions as a first time puppy owner and shared in my excitement. Not to mention, our puppy is a dream! She was quick to pick up on potty training and is super social. Our vet even told us that she is one of the prettiest Goldens she’s ever seen! Thank you for everything, Johnsen Family Goldens


Monica Valentovic

We obtained a female puppy 2 weeks ago from Elizabeth. Her communications were excellent. All the puppies were very healthy and well socialized. Would highly recommend her if you are looking for a new pup. She is vey caring of the puppies. Our pup is well adjusted, very smart and friendly.


Tricia Duckworth

Buying a puppy puppy through the internet is a very difficult and uncertain process. Very hard to know who can be trusted. When I reached out to Elizabeth she quickly responded to all of my questions and I was comfortable with the process and interaction. So took the leap of faith and drive from NJ to Kentucky to pick up our newest family member. Very pleased with the kind family atmosphere. And now I am the proud momma of a Goldendoodle puppy


Emily Neuhauser

Sold us, unknowingly to us, a very sick puppy and refuse to cover vet bills (refunded us half her adoption fee though vet bills are significantly higher than her adoption fee and she’s still sick)–they’ve gone as far as ignoring emails and blocking us on social media just for sharing our story. Do not recommend.

Editing to respond to sellers reply:

I had to edit most of my original review as it was blocked from being posted. So no, I couldn’t give the full story. Yes, we asked for a refund because the vet bills were skyrocketing and our puppy was still very sick and not responding to medication. Yes, the breeders refunded us half her adoption fee. However, once it was clear that our puppy was still very sick and vet bills topped 2 grand, we asked for a full refund as well as covering the vet bills as all of this stemmed from selling us a puppy they claimed was healthy, but our vet can attest was absolutely not healthy when sold to us. When brought to their attention that our puppy was still sick, they only offered a refund if we returned her. This puppy who was already adjusted to her new home and bonding with her pet siblings. They cared more about their pocketbook than backing the claim that they are reputable breeders. Our vet, the SPCA, and the head of the KY division for the Humane Society all agree that a reputable breeder would in the least cover or refund all vet bills associated with treating the illnesses this puppy came with. Yet they would only refund us the remaining half of the adoption fee IF we returned her. At which point we’d still be out 2 grand for treating her and then also out a puppy whom we love—which would be extremely stressful on her and our other pets. The breeders have ignored our emails, and have blocked us on social media, all for sharing our story. If you can’t handle bad reviews and have to block in order to hide them, that’s a huge red flag, on top of all else. We are now seeking legal advice on how to acquire our funds back for the vet bills as our verbal contract with Johnsen Family Golden was broken by them as again, we did not receive the healthy puppy we were promised. Our vet can attest to her coming to us sick, and then getting a nasty UTI from being sick—and also sharing her Giardia with our other dogs who then required medication as well. These aren’t reputable breeders in the slightest. They’re only out to make a quick buck and don’t care how they go about it so long as they get paid.