Hunnington Farms Kennel (Covington, Louisiana)

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Hunnington Farms Kennel Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Huntington Farms is highly praised for their helpful and friendly staff, as well as their commitment to health testing their dogs. Customers appreciate the warm and wonderful experience they had when picking up their puppies and the peace of mind knowing that the dogs are genetically healthy.

The breeder is commended for their exceptional customer service and willingness to answer countless questions even after the puppy is sold. Happy customers have described their dogs as the best, most amazing, smart, and loving companions.

The breeder's reputation extends beyond the local area, with people recommending them to others even if it means taking a road trip. However, there are negative reviews that express concerns about irresponsible breeding and health issues in the puppies.

Some customers have reported dogs with various medical conditions, such as knee surgeries, back issues, and congenital idiopathic megaesophagus. The breeder has been criticized for a lack of communication and perceived lack of care for their customers and the dogs they bred.

Overall, it is recommended that potential buyers thoroughly research and consider their options before choosing a breeder.

Hunnington Farms Kennel Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.



I cannot say enough good things about Hunnington Farms, their pups, the customer service and their genuine care, love, loyalty and whole hearted compassion for what they do, the dogs and their well being. My sweet Henry recently turned 3 and is THE best, most amazing, SMART cuddly pup ever.

I now live in Houston – but whenever I am stopped and asked where “someone can get a handsome, smart perfect dog like Henry”.. I always have and will continue to only promote Hunnington Farms. I PROMISE you… the cost is 1000000% worth it. And if you aren’t local.. the road trip is most definitely worth it!!

It is also worth mentioning that Ashlee (who was the puppy coordinator at the time)- graciously and patiently answered my 37 million questions (1st time dog mom = helicopter mom) both before and Into a whole year after bringing Henry home! Truly was such a sense of comfort knowing I was still a priority customer even after the sell had been made. LOVE Hunnington Farms!


Lance Cabaniss

We got Charlie 3 years ago. He is just simply awesome. He has turned into the perfect big block headed light colored unbelievably smart and most of all loving dog. He is my girls protector when I’m away and they absolutely love him. I have owned numerous dogs of different breeds and Charlie is by far the smartest and best dog I have ever owned. He has made a great inside dog much to my dismay at first. He proved me wrong in every way. His mom was Libby and dad was named Texas. I do it know if we just got lucky or if all their pups are this awesome. As I write this review Charlie is curled up beside me with his head in my lap. Thank you Huntington farms for the addition to my family. Our lives were changed the day I brought him home for my wife’s birthday present. Charlie has brought so much love to our family and is known through out the neighbor hood. When I ride Charlie around in the Jeep people are drawn to him and he loves every minute of every hug from every kid and adult. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you Huntington farms. My dog is priceless!!! As well as precious.


Erin Beihl

We got our golden girl from Hunnington Farms about six months ago. Every step of the way, the staff was so helpful and made sure all our questions were answered and concerns were addressed. When it came time for pickup, Leslie (one of the breeders) was so friendly! She brought our golden, Zola out, and let us know what to expect and what to do in terms of feeding and care. It was such a warm and wonderful experience. Their dogs are health tested to make sure they are suitable for breeding, and it gives us such a peace of mind knowing that Zola’s risk of diseases being passed through her genes is so low!
Thanks so much to Huntington for helping us bring home our wonderful Zola!


Pappy Myers

Buyer beware. This breeder used to care but something has obviously changed and they need to re-evaluate what is going on there because there is some irresponsible breeding taking place. Our first dog is great (7 years old now) however, when talking about adding a new one to our family we have to go elsewhere.

First off, after we got our dog, we reached out to the owners multiple times, for questions and to simply share photos (you would assume they would be interested to see photos of the dogs they bred). Not once did we ever get a return message. It’s as if once they have your money they could care less about you or the dog.

Numerous people have had issues recently with dogs from there. My family member’s dog that they got just under 2 years ago has already had to have surgeries on both knees and has a back issue that caused seizure like symptoms.

When we told our vet we were getting another she specifically said she would not get one from Hunnington because of the sheer numbers of ones they see now from Hunnington that have issues, mainly of the hip and elbow variety.

It is truly a shame that they have obviously stopped caring about the breed and it makes my heart break when I read about the one that has to be fed sitting upright. The fact that they are unwilling to do anything about it is the cherry on top. For what its worth, the breeder we are getting our new golden from only breeds once or twice a year (not countless like Hunnington) and will said they will refund the price, as well as reimbursement for vet bills, if there is something wrong with the dog that was congenital. They want to know and fix all issues to find the issues in the breeding pool, something Hunnington could obviously care less about. And this is someone that is NOT doing it as a business like Hunnington but out of love for the breed. Goldens are the BEST and SWEETEST dogs and they deserve the best. Do your homework before deciding on a breeder and find one that does it because they love the breed, not because they want to make a lucrative living running a puppy farm.


Trey and Rachel Rawles

Huntington Farms sold us a puppy that was regurgitating ever since we got him. He was malnourished and was immediately diagnosed with congenital idiopathic megaesophagus. This is an inoperable, non-curable, chronic condition that was present since birth. Our specialist vet at University of Georgia said that the condition is likely hereditary. We paid $3k for our dog and have spend over $2k on vet visits since we bought him. Our dog has to eat sitting up in a special chair for the rest of his life and is at high risk for aspiration pneumonia due to his CONGENITAL condition. Continental means that the condition was present since birth. The owner of Huntington Farms has refused to pay us any of the money we spent on the puppy back to help pay for vet bills. Our puppy will require three x-rays a year for the rest of his life, a prescription that is $27 per month and a very expensive diet. The owner simply pointed us to the contract, which says that he is not responsible for any issues. The problem is that we signed the contract with a lack of information. Huntington Farms knew that they sold us a sick puppy. I am sure of it because they wouldn’t let us come see him until we committed to buy him and used the Thanksgiving holiday as an excuse. They sent us videos in an attempt to cover up the regurgitation, which was happening many times daily. The owners only offer to help was to ask us to return the puppy for another puppy. In my opinion, the owner would have put our loving George down. I am not sure why this outcome would be any different than returning the $3k so that we can care for George and pay his vet bills. These people should not be breeding the parents and are cruel, uncaring people who are in it for the money.


amberlee roaden

My girlfriend and her family had a sweet golden retriever named Tripp that they got from Hunnington, he died of cancer at age 4. It was heart breaking. And when I say he was riddled with cancer I mean it was obvious, and the vet bills were astronomical. After he died they chose an amazing breeder in Mississippi and the difference in how these dogs looked and their health was astonishing. Their new dog Is gorgeous and looks like a prime specimen and is healthy.