Hope Springs Doodles (Summerdale, Alabama)

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  • Rated 4.6/5 with 19 verified reviews.
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Hope Springs Doodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Hope Springs Doodles is highly recommended by satisfied customers who have purchased puppies from them. Customers appreciate the low to no shedding of the doodles and the helpfulness of the owner throughout the process.

The breeder is described as professional, honest, and helpful in ensuring customers get the dog they want. However, one negative review highlights a customer's dissatisfaction with the shedding of their golden doodle.

Despite efforts to address the issue with the breeder and the vet, the shedding problem persisted. This negative review stands out as a potential concern for customers who prioritize low shedding in their choice of breed.

Hope Springs Doodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


richard johnston

I have recently purchased a puppy from this company and I am very pleased and satisfied with the results in what puppy I purchased. The owner was very helpful in helping me be sure of what I am getting. Very professional at what she does and honest. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a great dog. The puppy is everything I had asked for and a blast to have around. I plan on purchasing another in the very near future. Thank you very much to Hope Springs Doodles


Michelle L

Love our doodle girl from Hope Springs Doodles. She is very low if any shedding. Medium size with nice wavy/curly hair. She is our 2nd doodle and such a joy. The process of getting her was different in that we didn’t get to physically pick her out, but still a real joy. Overall, it was a great experience, and so happy with the outcome


Tyler Wilson

We love our Schnoodle from Hope Springs. Beverly was very helpful, and kept us updated throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to get another puppy from her in the future.


kinjal Trivedi

Get ready to be scammed ..If you are buying doodle from her so that they dont shed hair ‘DONT’. I paid so much money for golden doodle I bought from her..I didn’t know anything about dog , all I wanted that dog should not shed hair. And before buying I kept asking her if the dog will shed hair … and she kept telling No.. That was only my concern and I clearly remember asking her over the phone multiple times the same question if the pup will shed hair. And she kept telling me he wont most likely , may be 3-4 hairs a day because that what his parents shed but thats it she said. And ohh my god I believed her and was biggest mistake of life. My puppy sheds more than a normal dog. Then even after I got him home I asked her if this is normal. She said no your puppy should not shed hair show it to your vet. I did that too. My vet changed food and what not.I was suggested proplan chicken formula from breeder , vet changed to salmon of the same brand and since it didn’t make any difference we switched back to same food breeder suggested. And finally my vet and my dog groomer asked me to make peace with it, infect my groomer says this is very common now a days where breeder does this to sell. When I complained to breeder after few months she asked me to wait until my puppy sheds his puppy hair and then he wont shed as much and guess what now my puppy 11 months old and sheds even more.. His hair drives me crazy. The hair is in every corner of my house, my cloths, kitchen , even in my food every day. I paid so much i was getting it for cheaper somewhere else… I would have rather gotten regular dogs why I paid so much for doodle so that I get what I was promised. I know no one might ever read her reviews but still I wanted to share my experience . I have pid for the service, and writing a review is my consumer right.