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Honor Golden Retrievers and Honor Service Dogs, Inc. Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Honor Service Dogs is an exceptional golden retriever breeder that is highly recommended by satisfied customers. They prioritize breeding for temperament, health, and personality, making their puppies a perfect fit for service dog needs.

The breeder ensures that each pup is home raised and handled from birth, resulting in well-socialized and loving dogs. Customers praise Honor Service Dogs for their ethical and reputable practices, transparent communication, and ongoing support for puppy owners.

The breeder's commitment to holistic dog health and intentional socialization sets them apart. The puppies from Honor Service Dogs are known for their intelligence, trainability, and affectionate temperaments.

They come from long lines of Champions and have outstanding characteristics. Customers have found their Honor Goldens to be loyal, devoted, easy to train, and excellent therapy dogs.

Overall, purchasing a puppy from Honor Service Dogs will provide a high-quality golden retriever that brings joy and unconditional love to your family.

Honor Golden Retrievers and Honor Service Dogs, Inc. Reviews

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Honor Service Dogs has provided us with four magnificent Golden Retriever puppies over the years ( Teddy, Bear, Joy and Faith ) and each one has grown up to be a bundle of unconditional love. They are our most prized possessions and are a true gift from the Lord to our family. Not only are Honor Goldens extremely well bred ( the pups must pass very stringent health and temperament tests before being sent to families), but they come from long lines of Champions and they are absolutely beautiful in every way. All of our Honor dogs have outstanding characteristics in that they are very intelligent and have very sweet, quiet ,affectionate temperaments. They are loyal, devoted and
easy to train. We share our Honor Goldens in therapy ministry and they love to meet and greet new people and they thrive on pouring out unconditional love to everyone ! We are so grateful to Honor for producing such perfect examples of the breed, and for never compromising their very high standards over the years. If you are considering bringing a Golden pup into your family, an Honor Golden will bless you more than you can ever imagine. Below is a photo of our Honor Golden, Teddy as a puppy, and another photo of him all grown up !
Joan Brigham


Pam Blaco

I have the privilege of owning two Honor Golden Retrievers. I have also had the privilege of being part of helping raise and train some of these beautiful puppies for military veterans through Honor Service Dogs.

Honor Goldens are exceptional Goldens and are breed for their temperament, health, and wonderful personality. A perfect fit for what a service dog needs to be.

Each pup is home raised and handled as soon as they are born. I know at least 7 people who have one of these beautiful dogs and we keep in touch all the time. It’s fun to get them all together for a Honor Golden reunion.
If you find you are one of an Honor Goldens person you will fall in love immediately.
Below is one of our Honor Golden reunions and my two fur boys.


Lauren Turner

If you are looking for an ethical, reputable, transparent, honorable golden retriever breeder, you cannot find any better than Honor Service Dogs!! I got my golden retriever from them in 2018 and I’ve never met a more intelligent, loving, sweet, joyful boy! He is a big, 90lb, cream-colored golden retriever and he never stops smiling! He is an absolute dream and has excelled in everything I train him to do. I am a dog trainer myself and I use him as my demonstration dog for my dog training business. From basic obedience, traveling politely around town with me, being a silly pet for my family, going off-leash hiking and to the beach with me, working with me at the business, traveling easily around the country as I go to training seminars, learning tricks, and preparing to perform as my son’s preschool as their therapy dog…there isn’t anything this dog can’t do! As I was doing my research to find my next dog, I was very particular about what qualities I wanted in a breeder. I wanted them to breed for health and temperament above everything else and I wanted to be sure each puppy received intentional socialization and stimulation during their critical period in life. I also wanted a breeder who was very holistic-minded about each of their dog’s health. I was absolutely blown away when I found Honor Service Dogs because not only did they meet every requirement I had, but they exceeded every requirement AND were warm, friendly, had an organized and thorough application process, and were very timely and responsive with their communication. Somehow, despite how busy I know they are, they made me feel like I was a true extended member of their family when I received one of their dogs. The ongoing support they give each one of their puppy owners is fantastic–they reach out frequently to check on us and even have digital newsletters giving us updates on health information, training information, information on activities they are working on, and touching stories of the ways their dogs are assisting children, adults, and military veterans across the country as therapy dogs and service dogs. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you can place your full trust in this organization and know you’ll receive the highest quality golden retriever to welcome into your home and heart.