Hill Top Farm Kennel (Honey Brook, Pennsylvania)

  • 520 Beaver Dam Rd, Honey Brook, PA 19344
  • +1 610-273-9076
  • Rated 4.4/5 with 20 verified reviews.
  • Website
  • Monday: 6 AM-8:30 PM
  • Tuesday: 6 AM-8 PM
  • Wednesday: 6 AM-8 PM
  • Thursday: 6 AM-8 PM
  • Friday: 6 AM-8 PM
  • Saturday: 6 AM-8 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Hill Top Farm Kennel Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Hill Top is a highly recommended breeder, known for their kind and helpful nature. Customers were pleased with the opportunity to meet the parents of their new puppies and interact with them.

The dogs at Hill Top are described as beautiful and well-behaved. The breeder is praised for their professionalism and engaging demeanor.

Customers also appreciated the excellent care provided to the dogs, with access to a meadow and outdoor shelters. One review specifically mentions the positive experience of getting a maltipoo puppy from Hill Top.

Another customer had a great experience getting a Yorkie from this breeder almost two years ago and highly recommends them. It is worth noting that one negative review accused the breeder of being a puppy mill and neglecting their animals, but this contradicts the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Hill Top Farm Kennel Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Olivia Muldoon

Great place! We arrived and the care for the dogs was amazing! Let us meet the parents who were in a huge meadow filled with plenty of access to run around along with the puppies having access to the outdoors and shelters in a very well kept pen. Over all great experience picking up our maltipoo puppy!


Donna Palandro

We got a German Shepherd pup from Hill Top just a few days ago. He is doing great! The family was so kind and helpful! It really was a joy meeting Levi, Esther and a few of their really great children. The parents of the pup were on premises and we got to meet them and interact with them. Such beautiful and well behaved dogs! A great experience, Levi and Esther are as professional as they are kind and engaging. We could not be happier with our new puppy!


S. H.

We got our Yorkie from Levi almost 2 years ago. It was the best experience I have ever had dealing with breeders. He and his family were kind and the dogs were so well taken care of. I would recommend them anyday, our Yorkie is healthy and the perfect addition to our family


Luke Horn

puppy mill, they have no love for their animals. they just want money by exploiting and neglecting dogs