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Hearts of Gold Retrievers LLC Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This specific golden retriever breeder, Susan and Leo, has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers have had positive experiences and are very satisfied with their puppies.

These customers highlight the excellent health and desirable traits of the dogs they purchased. They also appreciate the breeder's good communication and ethical business practices.

However, other customers have had negative experiences with this breeder. They mention issues with the application and deposit process, as well as lack of clear communication.

One customer, who is a veterinarian, felt that the breeder did not sufficiently screen them or ask about their home environment, raising concerns about the breeder's priorities. Another customer expressed disappointment in not being notified about the birth of the puppies and feeling pressured into getting a puppy from another litter.

It is important to note that one negative review accuses the breeder of being a puppy mill and engaging in dishonest practices. This review should be concerning to potential customers.

Additionally, another negative review mentions that the puppy they purchased had health issues, including elbow dysplasia, which the breeder was not willing to provide compensation for. This raises questions about the breeder's breeding practices and the health of their dogs.

Overall, while some customers have had positive experiences with Susan and Leo as golden retriever breeders, there are significant concerns raised by negative reviews, most notably regarding communication, breeding practices, and the health of the puppies. Potential customers should carefully consider these factors before purchasing a puppy from this breeder.

Hearts of Gold Retrievers LLC Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Shawn Koch

It has been about a year since we got a puppy from Susan and Leo. Initially I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing from them as the application and deposit process wasn’t fully clear, but a simple phone call cleared all of that up. This isn’t about business acumen though this is about the dog. Lady has been everything we wanted in our next golden. She is sweet, smart and in excellent health. We love everything about the dog. The only thing I did not care for was the pushing of a supplement on the dog. I reviewed this with our veterinarian we have always used and they stated this supplement is completely unnecessary if you are feeding your dog high quality kibble. All in all the peesonality of Lady is tip top and I would purchase from Leo and Susan again.


Michael Geraghty

Suzanne and Leo welcomed me to their kennel to evaluate the puppies for temperament, and any health concerns, and were patient while I went through the process with all the puppies. I am a veterinarian and likely took up more of their time than some buyers. Every puppy I looked at would have made a great family pet, and it was difficult to choose from such a beautiful litter. They were honest, gracious and kind from the time I first contacted them until the time I drove out of their driveway with our new puppy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. We are so thankful for their help with the puppy purchase.


Roxane Rose

This is the 2nd golden we have received from Hearts of Gold. The first lived twelve years. The second is is still under 2yrs. We really love our pups!


Dee Moran

Absolutely terrible breeder. Not trustworthy at all. We aren’t even sure we got the puppy we actually picked out. This breeder sold us a puppy that had elbow dysplasia. When we tried to get her to pay us for some of the surgery she said we could “exchange” him. Seriously?? He’d probably be put down. We are in the process of getting him genetically tested because we don’t believe he is all English Cream.
She is breeding and re breeding females before they should get pregnant DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!! They are extremely dishonest.


Valerie Richter

I have had 4 Golden’s over a 25 year period and have been through the process of picking out AKC goldens-3 pups in the Midwest & 1 in southeast. Different breeders, All 4 process were the same. Let me state that again- I have picked out 4 AKC Golden’s- 3 in the Midwest & 1 in southeast. Different breeders, All 4 process were the same-excellent communication & business practices were ethical

From my experience , it’s typical for a breeder to spend time by phone, written communication or face to face by screening you and your family by asking questions about your home environment and the life you can provide for the puppy. It’s also typical for a breeder to explain their processes, contracts and expectations regarding deposits/payment at that time. It’s typical that when a deposit is made from the buyer, that a breeder acknowledges the deposit either by written communication and ensures the buyer understands the assigned picking order number. It’s also typical to get a call from a breeder when the mother has given birth to her pups with updates. Also at this time , it’s typical for breeders to notify when its time to come and meet the puppies which is usually at 4 weeks.

Nothing from my perspective with HOG was typical at all:

1-I had to call and email to get the breeder to acknowledge my AMEX deposit on pay pal.

2- After putting a deposit down, we heard nothing more. I had to reach out by phone & email to try to get answers as we began to prepare for our new puppy and I never got a responses or returned calls.

3- Never once did this breeder screen us or ask questions about our home environment and the life we were able provide for the puppy. All she cares about is if the deposit got to her PayPal account. Which gave me a bad feeling from the start.

4- Never notified us that puppies were born-we found out by monitoring the website ourselves.

5-When the breeder finally reached out to us with a bogus story about how we weren’t able to get a puppy from the litter she originally told us, she tried to blame it on another client and sent me some crazy ass email exchange between her and the other client as to why I was being pushed out. When I asked why we weren’t notified to begin with of what was going on and the birth of the puppies she responded with such class towards me “ Not sure what happened that you didn’t receive that”

6-breeder tried to hustle us into getting a pup from another litter where the mother looked genetically messed up, honestly mother looked like a stud.

Awful experience with this breeder. Very dishonest and irresponsible. Run don’t walk from her-she keeps an inner circle and decides who gets what so she can cover up that she is a puppy mill.