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Have A Heart Dog Homes Inc Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who are satisfied with the quality and condition of the puppies they purchased. Customers appreciate the care and dedication shown by the breeder in raising healthy dogs.

There is also a mention of the breeder's involvement in dog rescue, which adds to their credibility. However, there are a few negative reviews that mention issues with communication, unprofessional behavior, and concerns about the conditions of the property and the dogs.

These negative reviews stand out as areas of improvement for the breeder. Key takeaways: - Customers are thrilled with the quality and condition of the puppies they purchased.

- The breeder is praised for their love and dedication in raising dogs. - There is mention of the breeder's involvement in dog rescue and the high standards they adhere to.

- Some customers had negative experiences with unprofessional behavior, such as giving away a chosen puppy to someone else or attempting to switch puppies. - Concerns were raised about the conditions of the property and the dogs, including neglect and hoarding of dogs.

Overall, customers are generally satisfied with the breeder, but the negative experiences mentioned highlight areas that need improvement for a better customer experience.

Have A Heart Dog Homes Inc Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Sara Zimmerman

Bought our 5 month goldendoodle. She has been absolutely perfect since the day we brought her home. You can tell she was well taken care of. Shes the most relaxed and cuddly puppy ive ever had. Would definitely recommend anyone looking to check her out. Letta does an amazing job raising her pups.


June Vangalis

I can see why on the surface someone may think Have A Heart Rescue / Golden Barns may be a puppy mill. That is NOT the case. Letta has chosen to use her 10 acre farm and home as a dog rescue. She also successfully breeds healthy poodles and labradoodles. Her choice for the first lead her to also do the second with the knowledge it would help pay for the rescue. All the dogs she rescues are spay or neutered as they go through the intake process. No adopted dog leaves without spay or neutering. Unfortunately even though she has agreements with local vets the cost of sterilization does impact the time between arrival & a vet visit. Letta & her staff are selflessly giving of their time and resources to all of the animals in their care. Have A Heart is an inspected and licensed facility. As to the cleanliness, when I adopted my dog from her in early February 2014, I observed one of the many scheduled clean-ups that happen many times during the day. Letta is required to keep records of the MANY cares she preforms EVERY day for her charges. I drove 2 hours to come here for our new dog & I would encourage anyone to find there next 4 legged family member from this shelter.


Janet Hoffman

Picked up our Golden Doodle puppy 2 days ago. Everything went perfectly since the first time I talked to Leetah. We are thrilled with our puppy and how well Leetta raises her dogs and puppies. We have had and I have worked with many dogs through the years and her puppies are of the highest quality. Took our puppy to our vet today and he is in perfect condition. Perhaps this is due to the love and dedication she shows. Thank you Leetta for all you do and who you are.


Nathan Jones

My family and I went here last week to look at Golden Doodle puppies. We fell in love with one of the females she had available. When we went yesterday to pick up our puppy, Leetta informed us that she had given our puppy that WE picked out to someone else!!!! When we asked her about it and showed her a picture of the puppy we picked out, she said she didn’t care. She showed us a different puppy that looked nothing like the other puppies. She told us to take it or leave it!! So we asked for our deposit back and left heartbroken without a puppy! Not sure how the hell you give someone’s puppy that they picked out to someone else and just act like it’s no big deal!! Completely unorganized and absolutely unprofessional!!! Would recommend to stay away from this place!!!


Theresa Held

Terrible. Disgusting. Leeta lied 3x. About price, dog breed, and condition of dog. She clearly has hoarding issues with dogs. Over 100 dogs running on property. Conditions deplorable. Dogs neglected, and she abused dog in front of me. Dogs appeared scared, unkempt, and neglected. No water dishes, food? Not seen. I reported this experience. Very sad.


Angela Knoll

We were baited and switched! We went to this breeder a week ago picked out a puppy, then put a deposit down. When we went yesterday to pick her up, the breeder tried to give us a different puppy. The puppy she tried to give us didn’t even look to be from the same litter. I showed her the pic I took and said this is our puppy, she said I don’t care what picture you have this is what I have left take it or leave it! We demanded our deposit back and left with no puppy. Everyone in tears and the cold hearted women couldn’t close the gate on us fast enough!