Harmony Doodles (Chester, South Carolina)

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  • Rated 4.9/5 with 38 verified reviews.
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Harmony Doodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Harmony Doodles is highly recommended by multiple customers for their excellent service in adopting golden doodle puppies. Customers appreciate the personal attention and flexibility provided by Cory, the breeder, during the adoption process.

The puppies from Harmony Doodles are described as easily adaptable, intelligent, and well-cared for. The puppies are potty trained and healthy, bringing joy to their new families.

However, one customer expressed concerns about the large number of litters and the lack of transparency regarding the living conditions of the puppies. Another customer experienced a health issue with their puppy but appreciated that medication was provided.

Some customers mentioned the increase in prices over time. Overall, Harmony Doodles is praised for bringing amazing animals into people's lives and creating a loving community around their puppies.

Harmony Doodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Kim Renaud

Cory is super knowledgeable and was very flexible with us in terms of our meet and greet and pick up dates, we were coming from NJ. Our puppy was potty trained and never had a single accident after we brought her home. We just love our Doodle.



I had a wonderful experience adopting a golden doodle puppy at Harmony Doodles and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in adopting.

Tonight I had a friend pick up my 2 year old 30 lbs golden doodle from Harmony Doodles, to take her for the weekend. I’m a flight attendant going on a trip tomorrow. I was in Detroit Wayne Airport in mid 2020 and I had the good fortune to meet a young man from the Harmony Doodle family who was delivering a puppy that day to a lucky family adopting near Detroit. That chance encounter led to me deciding to get a golden doodle. I had to wait after placing the request online to adopt a puppy, but I had time to think about what type of home I was about to provide to this little animal.

When I travel I always leave her with a friend who I know will care for her, like I’m leaving my child. I cook all her food with the help of my vet. Having my puppy born and raised initially in the most optimal environment possible (Harmony Doodles) definitely brought me a puppy that was easily adaptable and is eternally cheerful always getting along with everyone.

I take my dog’s care to an extreme level but the intelligence level of this breed of dog makes it seem like the effort is noticed. She is spoiled with a lot of love and care and is never alone. But it’s so easy to find people to love her and spend time with her that she has created a community of people around her that need her in their life. She has such a healing spirit. She shares a lot of love. Thank you for Harmony Doodles for bringing this amazing animal into my life.


Jennie Fisher

We had a wonderful experience adding Molly to our family via Harmony Doodles! We switched from another super long wait to them and we’re so grateful for the personal attention we were provided, ensuring that Molly was the right puppy for us. Two years later and we are 100% satisfied!


Corinna DiSanto

So, first want to say that I love my dog. He’s healthy (as of right now) and a good boy.

However, she has a large amount of litters at one time. Constantly has puppies for sale which raises some concern for me. I’d feel better if she posted more photos of where the puppies were held, how they were being cared for, and what the puppies are sleeping on, living conditions…more behind the scenes.

i found out the moment I picked up my puppy that he had parvo, which is highly contagious and Cory’s son gave us the meds for it. I think he was on day 3/7 already? I understand puppies get infections here and there, but I had another dog and it would have been nice to be notified before we made the drive from Boston MA to Harmony. I picked up my puppy and we ran through “instructions” and were given JUST enough food to get through 1 day.

Cory runs it like a business, which I get, but it’s incredible how fast they have raised their prices over the last year and a half. I paid $2800 in October of 2021.