Great Creek Canines (Pelzer, South Carolina)

  • 122 Crompton Dr, Pelzer, SC 29669
  • +1 954-205-7216
  • Rated 5/5 with 2 verified reviews.
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Great Creek Canines Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Great Creek Canines is highly recommended by customers because of their beautiful, well-behaved golden retriever puppies. The breeder, Jackie, is praised for her excellent communication and willingness to answer questions.

Customers appreciate that the puppies are well socialized and taken care of in their previous home. The breeder's genuine care for the animals and the great housing environment they provide stand out as exceptional qualities.

Customers plan to buy from this breeder again and consider their experience at Great Creek Canines as a benchmark for comparison with other breeders.

Great Creek Canines Reviews

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Reilly Morrow

I selected GCC because of the breeder. She held a stable line of communication and was very inquisitive towards me and towards the future conditions of her pup. She really cares about the animals she sells which speaks to the great housing environment she provides for the pups. I plan to buy from her again and will always hold my experience from GCC as a comparison to other breeders.


Gabrielle Bagladi

We chose Great Creek Canines because of the great reviews off facebook. We are so pleased with this breeder! Not only did we get the most beautiful golden retriever puppy, he was already so well behaved. He immediately took to going potty on the pee pads/grass, and barely cried the first few nights having him. It was very clear he was well socialized and taken care of at his previous home. Jackie was so great to work with. She provided so much information and was readily available for questions. We are first time puppy owners so it was an absolute necessity to have a breeder that was willing, and reachable for all questions. Highly recommend this breeder!