grand cru golden retrievers (McKinney, Texas)

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  • Rated 4.6/5 with 8 verified reviews.
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grand cru golden retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers rave about the golden retrievers from Grand Cru, describing them as calm, sweet, and loving additions to their families. They appreciate the opportunity to meet the parents of their puppies before they were born, and the breeder's commitment to breeding integrity and ensuring the health of the litters.

Customers also highlight the fact that the dogs are not kept in kennels but are instead treated as part of the breeder's family, with the grown kids helping to socialize them. The breeder maintains a strong relationship with customers even after they have adopted a puppy, staying in touch regularly and sharing updates and photos.

Overall, customers highly recommend Grand Cru and express a desire to return for another puppy in the future.

grand cru golden retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Carol Games

John and Carol Games
After seeing an English Cream (we had just lost our Golden ) in Tahoe, I began my search. Just by luck, I located Grand Cru and Maryjo. We quickly developed a great friendship and moved forward to receiving one of her puppies. Her breeding integrity is amazing. Her quest for amazing dogs is exemplary. Every detail insuring the health of litters is maintained continuously. We chose a beautiful female and love her dearly. We also had the opportunity to offer our home to the mother as she had completed her last litter. So, we have mom and daughter as part of our family! Perfect.


Tawny Darling

Our 4 yr old Golden (Rosie) came from Grand Cru. We knew another family w/ a great pup and found Mary Jo through them. We had previously had a bad experience trying to get a dog from a “breeder” and what I liked about Mary Jo was that she wasn’t making a living off of breeding these dogs, she does it because she recognizes how amazing these dogs are wants to keep the integrity of the pure breed. The dogs are not outside in kennels, they are on her bed and puppies inside her house! Her grown kids help socialize them by cuddling them, I’m quite jealous of that role 🙂

4 years later I still stay in touch regularly w/ Mary Jo and send her pictures of my spoiled dog (and she keeps me in the loop w/ her dogs and puppies). I’m even in touch on Instagram w/ Rosie’s sisters and brothers and wish each other virtual happy birthday every year. I couldn’t recommend Grand Cru enough and if my husband will let me, I’ll be back for another one 😉


Laurie Cox

We LOVE our beautiful golden retriever that we got from Grand Cru! He is so calm, sweet, and loving. Mary Jo was so wonderful to us through the process. We were able to meet the parents of our puppy before he was born. My family fell in love with these amazing dogs. My boys even named our dog after the dad dog! We are SO grateful to have Rio. He is such an incredible addition to our family.