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GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Quest Retrievers is a highly recommended breeder in Kentucky. Customers have praised their caring and thoughtful approach, as well as their guardian program.

They have found the dogs to be well-natured, smart, and great with children. One customer also mentioned that Quest Retrievers helped them choose the right puppy for their family.

However, there are a couple of negative reviews regarding shedding and behavior issues. One customer warns that the breeder's claim of being hypoallergenic and low shed was not accurate, while another customer had a negative experience with a dog that growled at their children.

Potential customers should be aware of these concerns before purchasing a puppy.

GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.



My experience with Quest Retrievers was and is caring and thoughtful from the very beginning.
My family and I just recently moved to Kentucky from California, and we had to put our 13 year old dog down before we moved.
We had a Golden when I was a child, and my mother had heard of Quest Retrievers before the move.
We decided to go in and meet some of the “guardian” Retrievers looking for homes. As soon as Zahna came out it was love at first sight! She ran right to me(and has pretty much not left my side since, haha). Her size is so great. Small enough to sit on our laps, but big enough to go on long adventures!.
I think the guardian program is a great concept. And my family and I are very excited to see if Zahna has puppies. Zahna is so intune with me. I’d say, already, more than any other dog I’ve had. She is amazing at reading people’s energy. She has been a great friend for my sister’s dog. I love watching them run together like wild children! She’s been great with all my young nieces and nephew, as well.
I would highly recommend the guardian program for anyone in Kentucky!


Michael Evans

My wife and I welcomed Bailey, a GoldenQuest puppy, into our home two weeks ago. We couldn’t be happier! She has an incredible disposition; she’s sweet, playful, and gentle. We brought Bailey in for her initial vet examination and their social media team asked if they can post her photos because multiple technicians thought she’s adorable.

Susan helped us narrow down our selection to find the pup that best fit with our lifestyle. We were glad we had the help. As first time dog owners we asked a lot of questions and really wanted to be sure we made the right decision since we live in NJ and only met Bailey over Zoom before deciding on her.

We had a great experience with GoldenQuest and we absolutely love our dog!


Laura Hankin

Our family welcomed a Golden Quest female puppy a month ago – Paddy. She is fabulous! We have three young children and she handles them with the grace of an adult dog, even though she’s only 5 months. Her disposition is just top notch. She’s smart, loves cuddles and is always down for a game of fetch. Our experience with GoldenQuest was professional, helpful and responsive. Susan helped us decide which puppy made the most sense for our family – personality wise. This was extremely helpful and I know we choose the right puppy for our family. Thanks, GoldenQuest!


Matthew Baron

Bought a dog as a Christmas present for our 8 year old and 9 year old kids. They said it was the calmest in the bunch. Dog growled and barked at them on the first day! Kathy the owner agreed to take back the dog, I drove 3hrs to save them 6hrs on their end. Kaylie agreed on a full refund, then Kathy (the owner) said she would not return over $2000 in travel costs! We are now fighting for any response of refund. Beyond devastated about how they are choosing to handle this situation. Definitely did not get a “comfort” golden and do not recommend them to anyone.
UPDATE Based on owners response. The dog growled at our 8 and 9 year old kids. I offered to spilt the travel costs and also drove over 7 hrs on the return of the dog. You have refunded NONE of our $7000+ of money and have had the dog back as you just confirmed. Send us our money back. Anyone reading this message feel free to contact us for proof that she is keeping ALL of our money and also the contract says for health reasons and not behavior issues. Not sure if anyone would want a so called “comfort retriever” that growls at children. Again I also agreed to split the travel expenses and you did not compromise at all.


Jon Eilertsen

Just a warning to anyone looking to buy from GoldenQuest. We bought a puppy from them 1 year ago. She is incredibly sweet and loving and caring and great with our kids. However, she was marketed as being hypoallergenic and low shed. This a complete and utter lie and scam. In spite of our daily brushing routine, vet visits, and research Our house is covered in hair. This is what we brush out of her coat on a daily basis. We gave it a year to see if it was her puppy coat or annual shedding for winter or spring coat but this level of shed is consistent. Best advice I can give you if your looking for a low shed hypoallergenic dog, don’t buy from GoldenQuest. They are liars and the characteristics they market to try and justify the high price are lies and just part of their scam.


Cara Eilertsen

My husband and I desperately wanted a dog but with bad allergies and two young children, we knew the hair/dander from a dog was not something we could tolerate. Then we found golden quest… claiming “hypoallergenic and low to no shed dogs” (funny how many times this wording on their website has changed over the years..) What a perfect fit for our family, right?We first reached out to golden quest in 2018, waited a while before joining the waitlist, and then took almost a full year to find the right dog. We thoroughly read their website, talked to multiple staff members, and reiterated our need for a low shed/hypoallergenic dog on multiple (documented) occasions. We were assured that this was exactly the type of dog that golden quest breeds. We are now coming on a year of having our dog and their shedding/hypoallergenic claims could not be further from the truth. We have sent numerous emails about our dogs heavy shedding and were told she was just “shedding her puppy coat”. The shedding is SO bad that we actually had our vet run tests to make sure there wasn’t some underlying cause for the shedding. He informed us that she is perfectly healthy and just happens to be an “excessive shedder”. Again, we continued to reach out to golden quest and were told that the man we needed to talk to was sick.. then he was out of town.. then we just never heard anything. They are marketing desirable qualities in dogs and not delivering.. and they couldn’t care less!! Our dog is so sweet and gentle.. but we specifically NEEDED a low shedding, hypoallergenic dog and she is the exact opposite of that. We were so excited about this dog as advertised that we made the 13 hour trip to Kentucky and paid FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.. now we’re miserable and finding ourselves in the allergists office on a routine basis. If you’re in the market for a smaller sized golden retriever, maybe golden quest is right for you.. but if you’re excited by their claims of a reduced shed/hypoallergenic dog.. BUYER BEWARE!!