Goldendoodles of North Alabama (Muscle Shoals, Alabama)

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Goldendoodles of North Alabama Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have praised the breeder for producing high-quality and beautiful puppies, specifically highlighting the breed's size, fur, coat, and coloring. The puppies have been described as perfect for families with young kids and have been known to be loyal, caring, and protective.

The breeder has been commended for their program that produces superior puppies. Additionally, customers appreciate the breeder's welcoming and accommodating nature, as well as the provided puppy supplies.

However, there are some negative reviews that express concerns about the breeder's animal care practices and legal issues, advising against supporting this breeder.

Goldendoodles of North Alabama Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Martha Lesperance

Our 8 pound puppy is nearly 70 pounds at 7 1/2 months….and growing! We love every bit of him.
He is so loyal and caring and prefers to have all of us together in one room. If anyone gets up and goes to another room Chewy patiently sits next to them until he can get the whole family herded back together. He is also very protective. Don’t let that cute face fool you! If you aren’t supposed to be in our yard, and he doesn’t know you….his bark will alert you very quickly that he’s guarding his family…..and that’s the only time he ever barks.
When we take him to the vet everyone wants to know if he’s a “show dog”. We’ve seen other doodles at the groomers….honestly Chewy is outstanding in his size, quality of fur, coat and coloring. His groomer was so impressed when she saw him for the first time!
If you want a puppy that is perfect with young kids, you want a doodle! Chewy knows all the local kids, and if I didn’t know better I think Chewy thinks they are all his!
Miss Anna, without a doubt you have amazing high quality dogs in personality, lines, color, quality and thickness of coat. Your program is producing superior puppies and you should be very proud!


Nathan Nixon

Some of the most beautiful dogs and puppies I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend Goldendoodles of North Alabama. I was sent home with a huge bag of toys, treats, puppy wipes, waste bags and dispenser, a blanket a collar and many other things. She was also accommodating when we had to back out of getting our puppy initially. She refunded immediately but we were able to get our boy a few months later. We visited several times and always felt welcomed.


Emma Joines

Animal Control went and visited her house a second time this year, 2022. They have responded saying she had no puppies at her residence and that everything is okay….

She must have dumped the dogs before they came out and looked at it. You can see where she deleted all of her recent puppy posts. For future time references for everyone: She deleted all puppy photos- selling photos- months of November 2022 and December of 2022.. Then where are the puppies if they are not at the house?? She got rid of them……. As soon as she was exposed for her negligence of the animals.

Animal controls page is privately run, no authority/government. Nothing real, Florences animal control page. Im positive the owner/breeder- had to beg them to post that she’s a fine breeder because it speaks exactly the same as she does on her facebook..(Which she also deleted, ask the bad reviews on facebook, we all have permanent evidence of the breeders comments). It is her words, not animal controls. All is very sad. It is a sad reality.. I know this because I worked for a pet hospital for 7 years. I know all the tricks people tried to pull to show they are great owners and more.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! All is very sad… Please adopt do not shop. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bre Thompson

Do not buy from this backyard breeder!!! Her dogs are kept in filth and are not properly cared for!! As the woman below me said- she was arrested for chemical endangerment of a child in April of this year! Do not support this greedy woman!


john parker

The conditions she has these dogs living in is just sad. If you’re buying from her, you’re enabling her to breed more.


Chloe Kastanek

The owner, Anna Marie Lewis (you can also find her mugshot online for child endangerment charges), keeps her dogs outside in mud and in a disgusting shed covered in feces. No food and dirty water. Karma will come for you and your filthy backyard breeding “business”