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Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Golden Valley Doodles (GVD) is a highly recommended breeder that provides a fantastic experience for customers. Shannon, the breeder, is described as responsive, communicative, and helpful throughout the entire adoption process.

Customers appreciate the love and care she shows towards the puppies before they find their forever homes. GVD stands out for their commitment to staying involved in the lives of the puppies as they grow, emphasizing the importance of family.

One customer had a unique experience adopting a 16-week old Sheepadoodle puppy from GVD. Despite the older age, the transition was seamless and the puppy interacted well with their other dog.

The customer describes the puppy as calm, well-behaved, crate trained, and happy. They express gratitude and excitement for raising their new companion.

However, there are a couple of negative reviews that stand out. One customer claims to still be waiting for a $500 deposit refund from Golden Valley Doodles and expresses dissatisfaction with the customer service.

Another customer shares a less-than-optimal experience with the breeder, specifically regarding a medical issue with their puppy's front dew claw. They felt disappointed by the lack of responsibility and concern shown by the breeder in addressing the issue.

Overall, Golden Valley Doodles is known for their positive customer experiences, with Shannon being commended for her love of the puppies and commitment to them even after they are adopted. However, potential buyers should be mindful of potential issues with deposits and ensure a thorough examination of the puppies before finalizing the adoption process.

Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Alan Futvoye

Incredible experience! We picked up our Sheepadoodle puppy on Sunday. Our experience may have been a little different than most in that our puppy was 16 weeks old. The reason he was older was because the owners had donated this puppy to a charity event benefiting a first responder.

When my friend, the sponsor of the event, posted pictures of the puppy, we were sold. We made arrangements to pick him up a couple of days later. Shannon kept us informed through texts and emails. The transition was seamless. Shannon and her husband were so helpful.

We returned home (4 hours away) to find he interacted well with our 5 year labradoodle. Two days in and we find our pup, who we named Winston, is calm, well behaved, crate trained, and happy as can be.

Many thanks! Looking forward to growing this little guy into his best life on Smith Lake.


Rebekah Bondi

Shannon was super responsive, communicative and helpful throughout the process of adopting our puppy. Winston is such a good, healthy boy and SO well behaved already! Golden Valley Doodles is a wholesome and upstanding breeder and I recommend them ◡̈


Lauren Love

We got our wonderful poodle puppy from Shannon at GVD. She is fantastic to work with and it’s obvious how much she loves the puppies in her care before they find their forever homes. The best thing about the experience is that she wants to stay involved in the puppies lives as they grow. It’s all about family with GVD!


Lois Spengeman

We had a less than optimal experience with this breeder. My overall impression is that the operation looks better than it really is.

We purchased a 16 week old male standard poodle from Shannon in March of 2023 that I had seen offered several months before on a flash sale price which was not offered to us at the later date. The medical report stated that the front dew claws had been removed. The puppy was in pretty good shape and passed the medical exam at our veterinarian with only treatment for parasites in the stool (not uncommon). At 16 weeks of age he probably lacked some socialization skills but has a sweet disposition.

About a month later we noticed some bleeding on his leg and came to discover that his front left dew claw was still there albeit mangled and ingrown into his leg. This required treatment for an infection and ultimately surgery to remove the ingrown mangled bone digit that clearly had been improperly attempted to be removed. I spoke to Shannon’s vet and there was no follow up after the initial clipping or apparent monitoring by the breeder post removal. The pup ended up having the surgery, popping a suture with bleeding and more infection requiring additional antibiotic treatment and wearing a cone for several weeks. It was a very trying experience. Our vet had warned us that removing a dew claw past the age of a couple of days can be a different kind of experience and this proved true. Now four months later we are finally where we should have been in the beginning.

My complaint with this breeder is that when we reached out to ask for assistance regarding the discovery of the dew claw that was stated as having been removed in the medical report prior to us purchasing the puppy, we were firmly passed off and no responsibility taken or concern for the pup has ever been expressed. She could easily have taken some responsibility by offering some financial assistance toward the surgical removal or even offered for us to bring the puppy back and she would have it taken care of. Nothing. No follow up what so ever.

Buyer beware, check all those digits, ears, eyes etcetera. The experience has been so disappointing to us especially since the breeder was recommended to us by a friend who is horrified to hear of our experience.

Repectfully and Honestly submitted


Nia Herger

I wish I could leave no stars for this person, but that’s not doable due to google.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting on a 500$ deposit from Golden Valley Doodles. It seems as if Golden Valley Doodles does not care about having clients.

It is disgusting to believe that I waited a year and half for a Golden Valley Doodle, and it never came. They were supposed to give me back my 500$ deposit. I am still waiting, and was spoken to very rude by the owner. I was told I was “lucky” to receive a deposit.

I am dissatisfied with this customer service.