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Golden Star Family Puppies LLC Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Golden Star Family Puppies is highly recommended by customers for their excellent care of the puppies and their helpfulness during the adoption process. Customers mention that the breeder provides video updates and is accommodating.

The puppies are described as sweet, smart, happy, and healthy. They are also noted to be well-behaved, calm, and eager to please.

The breeder's responsiveness and transparency are praised. However, there is one negative review mentioning concerns about the living conditions of the dogs and the breeder's lack of transparency.

Another negative review mentions a health issue with the purchased puppy and disappointment with the breeder's lack of support. It is important for future buyers to ask for health clearances.

Golden Star Family Puppies LLC Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Brianna Easton

Today is Raegan’s first birthday! I adopted her (formerly Cuddles) from Ginger and Romeo’s litter in September 2022. She is sweet, cuddly, smart, happy, and healthy! It is so evident Golden Star Family cares so well for all their puppies. They were extremely helpful and accommodating during the adoption process. They made it super easy and exciting, and even sent video updates of my girl during the days leading up to her adoption! I cannot say enough good things and will definitely be adopting from them again! Thanks for helping me find my best girl!


Farrah Darnell

We adopted Maverick in December ‘22 and have been nothing but happy from day 1. After just 2 weeks of us working with him, he was sleeping through the night and having no accidents in the house. Granted, we stayed on top of it and watched him constantly for cues that he needed to potty. We’ve always been fans of labradors but decided to give golden retrievers a try when our daughter got relief from a panic attack while around one. Maverick is super smart, eager to please, not overly rambunctious, and definitely a cuddle bug! He picks up on anxiety and comes to the rescue with his calm demeanor and soft coat. He was exactly what our family needed in a pet. Even our vet agrees that he is perfect! Thank you so much for our amazing pup!


CB 54

We could not love Maggie any more than we already do. She has been a great sister to her older lab mix and male cat siblings. She is just over 18 months old and has finally stopped growing. Our friends also adopted an Aussie doodle from the same litter and she is just as amazing. I recommend Golden Star Family Puppies to everyone considering adding a new dood to their family.



Bought an english cream golden retriever last May 2022. their farm is beautiful, the process was smooth. but as soon as we got the puppy the same day we noticed something was wrong with his front leg. I immediately messaged Michelle about it and asked if the puppy had any accident or injury when he was born or when he was younger. I took the puppy to the vet which referred us to an ortho specialist. The puppy was diagnosed with Angular Limb Deformity on his left front leg which can be caused by genetics, trauma or injury at a younger age, as per the xray and vet’s diagnosis. We ended up having the surgery which caused us $5400. I reached out again to Michelle to seek some answers but never received any response, which makes me think that they were aware from the start. And When I looked back on our conversations, I noticed in the pictures she sent me the puppy’s leg was already curved/somewhat bow legged. As a first time dog owner, I was overwhelmed with excitement, I did notice this until I got him. My mistake was not asking for proper health clearances from the dog’s parents, not doing a meet and greet first before getting the puppy. I dont regret getting our dear Hugo coz he is the sweetest boy but I was expecting for some support from this breeder atleast. We are still in the recovery phase and hoping that our dear baby will be better after this surgery. For future buyers, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL AND ASK FOR HEALTH CLEARANCES.


Christina Taylors

People! Don’t let the cute costumes and fancy website fool you! ASK the right questions!! We were so excited to move forward but could tell something wasn’t right. In talking with Michelle (the main contact over ALL the litters), our questions could not be answered. We wanted to see WHERE the puppies were being kept; pics/videos of the mom with her puppies, their environment and all they kept showing us was a video on the specific puppy and the mom in their “nursery”. The nursery is NOT their main environment; the nursery is where they show you a puppy your’e looking at. It’s like something was being hidden. WHY could they not show us WHERE the puppies were being kept on a daily basis or where they slept at night? Michelle’s answer was the “family” didn’t want to be in any pictures. I didn’t want to see the family, I wanted to see the puppies. When we showed concern, the puppies we were interested in immediately were removed from their listing page… red flag! Most breeders are particularly proud to show off their hard work in the safe environment they keep their animals. BE OBSERVANT! Do you notice how many litters are being born monthly? Call AKC and see how many dogs have been born under the owners name… thousands! Many of these families breeding these dogs are Amish. I don’t mind that at all, BUT when you ask them questions, you aren’t asking whomever is “taking care” of these puppies, it’s their marketing person or the main contact who cannot possibly keep track of all these litters. These dogs are NOT in their homes. They are kept outside and puppies in barns with no windows. That is their view. Read other reviews stating their puppies were showing behavior issues; know why? They push these puppies on you at 6 weeks! They claim mom is done nursing. That may be true, BUT mom is still showing these puppies life skills!!! They are being taking away from their mom WAY TOO SOON! Bottom line, if you can’t show me a simple video of all the puppies in a litter, where they’re thriving and even a picture of mom nursing them, something is not right. I feel TERRIBLE for these dogs AND especially theses poor females being bred over and over. 🙁


Mary Grace

We bought a puppy from them and without going into too many details our puppy had a lot of problems. I would never give up on a dog so we go to the vet regularly and she is treated for her emotional issues. It is very costly. Other people who have bought from them have told me similar stories. I will never buy from them again.

Also I do have the right place you are just trying to confuse the readers. To make matters worse we just got back from the vet and she has Spondylosis. She also has PTSD and shows aggression. Like I said I won’t give up my dog but I feel I owe it to the public to let them know what you are all about. I have looked up your charges from reviews and you should be ashamed of yourself.