Golden Retriever Rescue (Las Vegas, Nevada)

  • Parking lot, 7065 W Ann Rd #130, Las Vegas, NV 89130
  • +1 702-598-4653
  • Rated 4.1/5 with 81 verified reviews.
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Golden Retriever Rescue Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This Golden Retriever breeder has received mostly positive reviews from customers. Many reviewers express their happiness with the puppies they have received and appreciate the organization's dedication to beautiful fur babies.

Some customers have also volunteered for fundraisers and describe the organization as wonderful. However, there are a few negative reviews that stand out.

One customer shares a heartbreaking story of losing their lab and being unable to afford a puppy from this breeder. Another customer had a negative experience when trying to adopt a dog and felt mistreated by the breeder.

Overall, customers seem satisfied with the breeder, but potential customers should be aware of the negative experiences shared by some reviewers.

Golden Retriever Rescue Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Bob Carnes

Got our two though them. Very happy with these two sisters.


Patty Pierson

I have adopted 2 wonderful Goldens and fostered 2 dogs. I have also volunteered for fundraisers. This is a wonderful organization comprised of wonderful volunteers.


Randall Lowe

I like what they represent for those beautiful fur babies


Gail Schaefer-Guajardo

Heartbreaking. I lost a ,13 yo lab 3 weeks today. I contacted your business. I couldn’t possibly pay ,$2700.. My lab was extremely intelligent. She helped me with everything. She alerted me when the tea kettle boiled, when my phone rang if I was in another room. She played football and loved when we said,”Touchdown.”. She was always protective of me. With all the dogs out there, I can’t get a dog or a service dog. It’s a shame. I have osteoarthritis in both hips, a pinched neck in my cervical spine and I am afraid of getting a shot there. My husband is gone ,14 hours a day. I felt safe with our dog.


Scott C

I fostered a do recently. In December I decided to adopt him. My wife paid the 500 for him. They told me he needed to be microchip before they could finalize the adoption. Told them I would when was feeling better. So I talked to them Dec29 and told them I’d take Jake to get chipped in the morning. Took h in and she said I’m here to take Jake back. I said know he is my dog. She said know, he is ours. I was floored! Got home and my wife noticed they credited the 500 back to her card. Never gave an explanation. We were falling in love with beautiful Goldie. Apparently, the are co owners, even after you adopt a dog from them. Place is horrible and what they did to us


Dan Vander Loop

This is a mixed review. I adopted two Goldens from GRRSN, the dogs were litter mates and they were 1 year old. They weren’t trained and were way over weight with some health issues when I got them, no big deal I trained them and we got to work on the health issues with my veterinarian. They turned out to be the most awesome dogs and they went everywhere with us, we have a pool so they would swim all the time, we have a boat and they loved boating and camping. They have both passed on and it was time to adopt again, so I thought. The perfect dog came up for adoption, he had social issues and needed someone to spend lots of time with him, I was up for the challenge as I have a career that I work from home, we thought this is just perfect we can really help this dog. GRRSN thought otherwise, they said because our last dogs were not at a healthy weight, mind you, our last dogs came from them overweight and had health issues the contributed to there weight and it all got figured out and the weight was coming off. They wouldn’t even respond to emails or phone calls, we believe it has more to do with us living in Laughlin now and not Henderson and they are to lazy to come here. Its really a shame they are so inconsiderate to not even reply. I will only own Goldens so this makes it difficult as they are the only Gold er n rescue in the area and I dont believe in buying from breeders. Thanks for nothing GRRSN.