Golden Meadows Kennel (Moorpark, California)

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  • Rated 4.3/5 with 81 verified reviews.
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Golden Meadows Kennel Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Golden Meadows is a highly recommended breeder that provides beautiful and well-tempered Golden Retriever puppies. They offer professional and helpful assistance throughout the process and even provide a list of important information about the breed.

Customers appreciate their responsiveness and willingness to address any concerns or questions. One customer mentioned that the breeder went above and beyond by sending them home with a bag full of supplies for their puppy.

Another customer praised Golden Meadows for their mellow-tempered dogs. However, there are a couple of negative reviews from customers who had health issues with their puppies.

One customer had a puppy with severe allergies and struggled to get support from the breeder. Another customer mentioned that their dog had double elbow dysplasia, and the breeder did not take responsibility for it.

Despite these concerns, the majority of reviews speak highly of Golden Meadows and their quality puppies.

Golden Meadows Kennel Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Anne Hey

We just got a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy from Golden Meadows and she has such a lovely temperament and wonderful personality. She is an amazing puppy and already sleeps through the night and responds to commands. This is our first dog ever as a family and I wanted to go with the best breeder I could to get a great family dog. While we did have to wait quite a while for her given how many people want puppies these days it was worth it. She is a lovely addition to our family and my young son’s BFF


Chauntel Trusewych

We love our Vizsla puppy! We can tell that she was well taken care of before coming to our family and for that I am truly greatful! They were very professional and helpful every step of the way. Gave us a list of everything we needed to know about her and her breed. Even sent us home with a whole bag full of stuff for her. They truly went above and beyond! They were also much nicer than other breeders I had previously spoke with in regards to this breed.
Even super responsive after we brought her home, I emailed asking about any allergies because our baby had an allergic reaction to something. We live in a forest and the fires have made the air quality terrible; so really it could be anything. Nothing to do with the breeder, but they were super helpful and seemed worried about her as well, more than I would have expected <3 Update: wasn't a food allergy at all... it's hives from stress (visiting with the neighbor's dogs... they have 2 very large/friendly dogs) We are just glad it's not a food allergy 🙂


Melissa Bush

WE LOVE THOMAS! He is just simply the best, most kind, and sweet dog. He is goofy, silly, and loves to play with my two kids. We could not be happier with our decision to get a dog with Golden Meadows. I cannot believe how wonderfully mellow his disposition is at one year of age. I have included a few pictures of Thomas who is now 13 months old.


J. Edward Smith

Be very careful before buying a dog from this outfit.
They claim to have very quality breeding and healthy dogs. Not true! My daughter purchased a Golden Retriever and the poor dog has had nothing but health problems since he was 5 months old. The problems stem from severe allergies. We have come in contact with other buyers who purchased Golden Retrievers from Golden Meadow Retrievers and unbelievably they have the same problems with their dog. In fact we both go to the same Veterinarian.
We contacted Golden Meadows and they blew us off. One of their ridiculous sales pitches is that they sell to a lot of celebrities… haven’t we all heard that before. That tells you something about this place. Why would celebrities know more about quality dogs than the average person… they don’t. I suggest one use caution when buying from this place.
It’s sad because my 21 year old daughter really loves her dog but she also is very upset each day watching him suffer. Shame on the owners and staff of Golden Meadow Retrievers.


Karen Brown

I have tried working directly with the breeder but he no longer responds. I got the most beautiful female puppy from them last December. She’s got the best personality. We love her so much. But she has double elbow dysplasia. At first he said he needed his vet to confirm. But that was weeks ago. At first he accepted that he was responsible for 150% of her purchase price for medical bills or I COULD EXCHANGE HER. Who does that??? The X-rays were sent. Now weeks have gone by with silence from golden meadows. This means he has dysplasia in the line of English Cream Golden Retrievers that he sells. He needs to stop breeding this line or more puppies will suffer. And he of course will take no accountability for breeding this line. I watch my baby limp everyday as he does nothing to own up to his responsibility. Puppy mill is the phrase that comes to mind.


Anselmo Garrido

We are at the Vet Hospital trying to save Trinity. We bought her on Friday and had to take her to the vet on Saturday because she wasn’t eating, urinating or having any bowel movements. I tried to contact the breeder but got no reply. We bought her “as is” and I fully understand that. I think that they knew she had issues and wanted to sell her ASAP.
She has rocks in her intestines and unable to urinate or eat for 4 days. The Vet said she may need emergency surgery with no guarantees. She’s suffering and I may need to put her down. Beautiful and sweet dog. So sad. Buyer Beware!