Golden Acres Farm and Kennel (Blanchester, Ohio)

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Golden Acres Farm and Kennel Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had a positive experience with this breeder, praising the breeder's communication and the health of the puppies. The farm is well-kept, and the parents of the puppies are healthy and happy.

Customers have received their puppies with no health problems and are proud of their purchase from this breeder. However, there are also negative reviews stating issues with the health of the puppies, such as worms and fleas.

Customers have expressed disappointment in the lack of transparency and empathy from the breeder in addressing these issues. It is recommended to carefully consider all factors before choosing this breeder.

Golden Acres Farm and Kennel Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.



I first contacted Wendy back in April. I work second shift so it was pretty late when I sent her an email. I was shocked when I got a reply back within minutes as I was expecting to get something the following morning. I put down the deposit the following day. Wendy was very understanding when I accidentally emailed the wrong paperwork to her, and that issue was quickly resolved. She was very receptive to communication, and I usually got texts or emails back quickly.

The farm itself is very well kept. We were not able to see the kennels themselves due to COVID being in full swing, but the rest of the farm looked very neat and maintained. We got to meet my puppy’s parents. They were stunning dogs that looked very healthy and happy. Our vet gave our puppy a clean bill of health the Monday after we got him; healthy skin and coat, no fleas or parasites, healthy weight, all markers for a good start on his life.

It has been 2 months since we brought our boy home, and even from the beginning, it was evident to me that Wendy puts a lot of work, love and care into taking care of these dogs until they find a good home. We have had nothing but a great experience with her. I am constantly asked where I got such a handsome dog, and I am always proud to say I got him from Golden Acres Farm.


Michael Sparks

I got my dog cooper here. He is the sweetest thing and has zero health problems. Wendy was so good throughout the process with communication and sent cooper home with lots of good info.


Audrey Hinkle

My husband and I got our first puppy together from Golden Acre Farms ☺️ after putting down our deposit we were added to the list for Spring 2021 and 9 months later it was finally our time to pick up and choose our girl Holly. Wendy is a former vet tech and it was clear she was experienced and running a legit operation on a beautiful farm, where the dogs had space to roam and live comfortably. We couldn’t be happier with the health and wellness of our girl Holly and would recommend her establishment to anyone looking for a healthy, beautiful golden retriever.


Amy Sloan

Really disappointed in the experience we had with the breeder. Our puppy was infested with fleas, and tested positive for two parasites; hook worms and round worms. I reached out to the breeder to let them know the health/condition of the puppy that we brought home. I was told by the breeder that she originally had concerns about the extent of the fleas that they almost canceled pick up date, and that for the first time in 25 years they were placing a flea fence around the kennel. None of this was communicated to us before picking up our pup. I stated that I would have liked more communication and transparency from the breeder about the flea circumstance. (We barely received any communication through out the experience at all). The breeder began to personally attack me for my request for better communication via email and deflected any responsibility for the condition in which we took the puppy home in. Extremely unprofessional. So many Lessons learned, so many red flags from the start. I was inexperienced since this is my first pup but now I know what to look for in a breeder. I wouldn’t get another dog from this breeder.


jackie Carter

So many negative reviews- eventually you reap what you sew. I would urge the people who have been messed over to file complaints with the akc and attorney generals office so eventually they will investigate all the claims. All things need to be footprinted I suggest people either recording when they pay or pay by money order where I can be tracked. Look at your puppies fur and see if they have flea dirt looks like pieces of dirt in their fur. Look at your puppies gums before getting the dog.

This review is appropriate. As I have freedom of speech. Seems to be the same song and dance.


Molly Schiesler

This breeder’s lack of empathy on my family receiving a sick puppy from her farm is disheartening. I understand you can’t always help when a puppy/puppies are ill, but in this case I do not think we were told the truth about how sick the puppy was prior to pick up. Within 3 days of pick up we had the puppy at the vet due to his lethargy. While at the vet, it was noted that our puppy was infested with worms and fleas, and had blood counts lower than any dog they’ve ever seen. Yes, Wendy did say the puppies were treated for the worms by “her vet”, however she cannot provide the name of the vet. When asking Wendy about these issues, she essentially stated this was clearly something that happened after he left the farm, placing the blame on us. We had only had the dog for 3 days at this time. Wendy has been extremely cold and rude in her communications regarding our dog and her response was “if the puppy is suffering put it down. Your emotional attachment to the dog is not a good reason to keep the dog alive”. As someone who has dealt with multiple other breeders in the past, I can say that I have never experienced something like this. Clearly someone just in it for the money with absolutely no regard on our puppy’s well being. The extensive vet bills we now have trying to nurse this puppy back to health (with Wendy having absolutely no remorse or sympathy at all) pales in comparison to how sad we are about our puppy’s illnesses. I strongly suggest looking elsewhere if searching for a puppy.