Furhaven K9s (Menifee, California)

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  • Rated 4.6/5 with 26 verified reviews.
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Furhaven K9s Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had a generally positive experience with this golden retriever breeder. They have been described as patient, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work.

The breeder's property is also mentioned as being impressive and well-maintained. The puppies are reported to be healthy and well-cared for.

One review specifically highlights the breeder's hospitality and their willingness to allow children to interact with the puppies. This is seen as a positive aspect for families looking for a new puppy.

Another review mentions the breeder's website, which provides updates and videos of the puppies. This can be seen as helpful for potential buyers who want to see the development and interaction of the puppies.

However, there are a couple of negative reviews. One customer complains about difficulties in communication, specifically during a recovery period after surgery.

This could be seen as a potential red flag for customers who prioritize smooth communication with the breeder. Another customer criticizes the breeder for producing too many puppies at a time, which may lead to difficulty providing necessary support to families.

This can also be seen as a potential concern for customers who value personalized support and attention from the breeder. In summary, this breeder generally receives positive feedback for their caring and knowledgeable approach to breeding golden retrievers.

However, customers should be aware of potential communication issues and the breeder's production of multiple litters at once.

Furhaven K9s Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Mandy Dumproff

Furhaven K9 Review
I was beyond excited to find a local breeder that has Cavalier King Charles puppies! I had previously owned a Cavalier and everyone I talk to agrees they are a good family breed. They are affectionate, loving, loyal and easy to train.
I really like that Furhaven has a website that they load videos and pictures updates on. There are two Cavalier litters that were born close together. A litter in November and another in December. I enjoyed checking in on them using the website and seeing them grow and interact with each other.
I reached out to Sandie to let her know I was interested in a puppy. She allowed me and my daughter to come and meet a puppy from each litter. In December I put a deposit down to hold the specific puppy I fell in love with. My in-laws happened to be visiting a few weeks later and so I reached out to Sandie and set up another appointment for me and my family to come visit our puppy.
We were able to bring our puppy home January 15th. Sandie and her husband had already taken the puppies to the vet several times. They were dewormed and given their first two vaccines. Plus I purchased a basic package from Sandie that gave our puppy a micro chip, a collar with name tag, a bag of dog food, nutritional food gel and a stuffed animal. All of this was to set us up for success as puppy owners and aid in the transition for our new fur baby.
I am very pleased with my experience with Furhaven K9s. They raise quality dogs and puppies that make excellent, loving pets.
-Mandy from Menifee California


Jay D

I spent the last couple of weeks dealing with Sandie and her husband trying to find the perfect dog for our family. They were very patient and knowledgeable people and the property they maintain is unbelievable. There is just so much love in the animals that they raise and you can really tell they care and are passionate about what they do. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to adopt a puppy due to some unforeseen circumstances but the whole process was definitely pleasant and we will be looking forward to possibly adopting in the future.

Our 3 year old son Jesse will not stop talking about how he got to play with all the puppies and had the best day ever. Thanks again for your hospitality!


Becca Doran

We love Sandie and Marc! We had a wonderful experience getting our Cavalier King Charles. He is our world. Every animal on the Ranch is extremely well taken care of and loved. They property is beautiful and clean and the puppies are all healthy and thriving. We will definitely getting another fur sibling in the future.


Lynn Johnson

I read other reviews and people seemed to be very satisfied so I tried contacting Furhaven. I left messages months ago. Come to find out she had surgery but no notification they might be unable to communicate during recovery. No problem there. I reached out the other day got the female owner on the phone to inquire about her breeders, puppies, etc. I had left a phone message a day before. I asked her if she had received my call— she had— and then dead silence on the other end. She could have cared less about a potential client . So I asked questions but she was simply unwilling to give me information. When purchasing a pet, it’s very telling to me if the breeder is hesitant/reluctant to share normal and pertinent information about their breeds or processes. Needless to say, I don’t TRUST this business and I certainly won’t be giving money to a business that’s not welcoming or willing to give basic information about their breeds. Just be mindful and do your homework. I realize you can’t please everyone but she was very cold and unwilling to answer basic questions. If it were a bad time to speak, she should have expressed this immediately and I would have understood.
I trust my instincts and this is not a business I want to support ever.


Lauren Elise

Nice people but breed too many puppies at a time to be able to give support to the families as needed. I would pass and go with a breeder who only has one or two litters a year. They are not waiting long enough to see the outcomes of their pairings.