Forever Love Puppies Ft. Lauderdale (Lauderdale Lakes, Florida)

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Forever Love Puppies Ft. Lauderdale Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This specific breeder has received mixed reviews. Many customers praised the staff for being friendly and attentive, as well as for providing a clean facility.

They also appreciated the ease and speed of the buying process. However, there are a couple of negative reviews that highlight issues with transparency regarding vaccinations and registration paperwork.

One customer even discovered their puppy had a hernia that was not disclosed by the breeder. The warranty department also received criticism for not providing accurate information and for being non-responsive.

Additionally, there was a complaint about the breed of the puppy not matching the advertised breed. Overall, potential customers should take caution and consider going directly to the breeder.

Forever Love Puppies Ft. Lauderdale Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Deneil F.

Amazing staff. 1st time buying a puppy and they made this experience smooth. They were knowledgeable and encouraging!


Anielka Cruz

our experience was wonderful form the moment we walked in to the moment we picked out our new baby for my daughter. Charlin was very helpful with letting us know all of the dogs information and very patient with us. I recommend you Must come here they are ALL GREAT and the puppies are sooooooo beautiful and hard to pick out from 🙂



The staff here was super friendly and they were very attentive to the puppies during my visit. I didn’t need an appointment to meet the pups I was interested in and the facility was very clean. The buying process was swift and easy. Amy was friendly and throughly explained everything and knowledgeably answered the questions that I had. Happy I chose my dog from here!


Shan B

Despite a quick process and clean store, you will quickly learn that after you bring your pet home – that they are not transparent with necessary info regards to the puppy. I took my puppy to the vet 2 days later after leaving the store and THE VACCINATIONS ARE NOT UP TO DATE! The vaccinations that the pup did receive were given later than the recommended date. Additionally, it’s been 3 weeks and I still can not get registration info on my puppy. So even though they tell you the puppy is pure bred , there’s no way to tell if that’s even accurate. They are totally misleading with getting registration paperwork!

Very nice pet store. It is very clean. The workers are attentive and very helpful. They will allow you as much play time without pestering you to buy. Prices are reasonable. Process was thorough. Loved it here!!


Shelly Ugarte

I felt the need to redo my units review on this place.. they encourage you to post a review before leaving the store and they will provide dog food or treats for FREE! Sorry for the long review but would give 0 stars if I could.

Please be cautious when going here and purchasing a new puppy. I have been battling their warranty department for several weeks. They do not review or provide accurate information on the puppies. I guess in they get you in the moment of excitement and joy especially if you have kids with you.

They offer you a free visit to their vet that must be completed within 48 hours of purchase.we took our new puppy to their vet or which was about an hour and some minutes wait (with an appointment) staff was not very friendly however the vet gave our puppy a clean bill of health. When we went to our vet as a follow up along with 2nd round of shot is when we actually found out the truth. Apparently when getting records from their vet and an examination by our vet we learned that our puppy had a dual hernia. We had never been told this by actual store or their vet. We were shown her record from our vet as we were in disbelief.

I had reached out the warranty department in regards to concern. They responded fairly quickly with questions and follow up documents. I provided everything upon their request and then receive an email stating “as a courtesy they will issue me a $200 credit”. Meanwhile the surgery is $1600-$2300 and the price of the puppy would put out of pocket cost for her over $3500. I followed up with them but they have been non responsive. If you can go directly to breeder I would.

Such a great place to go to if you’re looking for a new addition to your family. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Kids loved as well!


Kellyn Lamore

We bought our puppy last October from Forever Love Puppies. First, our puppy went to the Vet after a few days we bought him and he had Giardia. We were in contact with staff and they were caring and contacted us to see how our puppy was doing.
Second, our puppy was advertised as a Mini Schnauzer. I have been calling since December on breeding information as many people have told us he does NOT look like a Mini Schnauzer (including our vet) but on the contract it says “Mini Schnauzer”. An employee at Forever Love told us to get a DNA test, which we did.
The results came back “Mini Schnauzer, Shetland Sheep Dog, and another unknown mixed breed.”
After many emails starting in February, and them not responding (after a month I followed up), asking us for submissions of documentation that had NOTHING to do with their response, not taking responsibility in any way, they blamed US for having a THIRD PARTY DNA TEST. In December one of the employees told us to get a DNA test, as long as we have proof. Additionally, their response back to the DNA test also indicated, “ canines are traced back to one common ancestry so these types of DNA reports will never be able to report 100% purity on any breed, just like humans cannot be traced back exactly to one race or place of origin only because we were also all mixed in at some point in our evolution.”
For paying over $2,000 to company that “guarantees breed” , you would think they would take some responsibility. I’m disappointed.