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Florida Puppies Online Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Florida Puppies Online (FPO) is highly recommended by customers who have purchased puppies from them. Their puppies are described as healthy, happy, and well socialized.

The breeder provides exceptional service and is knowledgeable about puppy care. Customers appreciate the cleanliness of the facilities and the friendly staff at FPO.

However, one negative review stands out. A customer had a negative experience with FPO, encountering high medical bills and poor communication regarding their puppy's parents and health history.

They suspect that FPO may not have information about the parents and could be associated with puppy mills. This customer also experienced their dog having health issues and behavioral problems after bringing them home.

Another negative review mentions the ineffectiveness of the vaccination card provided by FPO and a fecal infection acquired at the breeder's facilities. Additionally, the customer's puppy was not properly trained to pee outside.

A third negative review highlights the lack of transparency about a puppy's health. The customer discovered that their puppy had an undescended testicle after paying in full.

In summary, Florida Puppies Online has received positive reviews for their puppies, customer service, and knowledge about puppy care. However, a few negative reviews raise concerns about the breeder's transparency, potential association with puppy mills, and health issues in their puppies.

Customers are advised to carefully research and inquire about the health and background of the puppies before making a purchase.

Florida Puppies Online Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Caroline Carvill

Couldn’t recommend Florida Puppies Online more than anywhere else if you are in the market for a new puppy or dog. Very clean, friendly, exceptional service. We wanted to get my mom a new dog since she recently lost her dog. We found the perfect girl Yorkie for my mom.


A.J. Young

It’s been a month since I brought my Malshi (Blake) home and he has been a great addition to my home! Dakota was super to deal with – he answered all my questions; gave me great training suggestions and was overall very informative.

Blake is healthy, happy, well socialized, now housebroken and is a super smart dog who has fit into my home and lifestyle very well. He’s a loving friend and companion who enjoys people, other dogs and exploring outside. It’s very apparent he was well cared for and loved at FPO.

I can’t recommend FPO enough! Great people, great pup!


Morgan Smith

We had a great experience with Florida Puppies online. This team was so caring and knowledgeable regarding the care of our new puppy. We have had our dog for more than a year and couldn’t be happier.


Henry Shupe

I genuinely can’t urge you enough to get a puppy elsewhere. After getting my puppy and taking her to the Vet i was informed that the vaccination card given with puppy essentially means nothing to anyone, and she also had a fecal infection, almost certainly gotten at their facilities. Also my puppy, at almost 6 months old, WILL NOT pee outside. How ever they operate there, has actively trained dogs that inside is the place to pee. Cute puppy and I love Very much, but if you’re spending this much on a dog go somewhere else and avoid the issues I’m having.


Ryan J

I would personally stay away from this place. I bought a puppy there last week. I put a deposit on him and went in to get him. There was nothing on my puppies online profile about any health issues.

I should have asked about his health before I paid in full but I assumed this was a “reputable” place. I slid my credit card and paid the rest of what was owed (over 3k).

AFTER I paid over 3k for him, I was informed “one of his testicles has not descended “, again AFTER I bought him. I was very confused by this information , cause I am a new dog owner.

I’ve now been educated about how you should NEVER breed dogs with one testicle (the gene can be passed to puppies) and that unless they are neutered they are at higher risk for cancer from the undescended testicle.

I love my little guy and happy I have him, but I would not recommend this place to anyone else. A responsible company would let a consumer be aware of any defects PRIOR to letting them buy.


Maria D

Please, do NOT get your puppy from this place.

We got our dog from them a little over a year ago (after spontaneously stopping by their shop and happened to fall in love with our little fella). We got excellent service from one of their employees, who made us feel confident that they were a serious business who cared for their puppies. And we decided to put in a deposit and came back to pick him up a few weeks later.

Long story short, we ended up spending thousands on medical bills during his first few months (after paying an insane amount to get our dog in the first place). We’ve tried to call and email them to get more information about his parents and health history (we were told that we would get this information when we picked him up), but have gotten no response what so ever, which makes me believe that they do not have any information about the parents, which equally means that they are not responsible and should have nothing to do with selling dogs!

The only information we got about our dog’s past was that he came in from “a breeder” in Ohio with his sister. Looking into it, they have another puppy mill in Ohio, called Little puppies online, and both FL puppies online and little puppies online has been listed on horrible hundred puppy mills !!! So it’s become pretty obvious why they do not respond to our questions and give us more information!

Our dog also turned out to be between 10-20 pounds smaller than estimated by them (about 10 pounds below their lowest estimate). And has had a bunch of health issues from the start. Also, it’s been very obvious that he’s been exposed to some trauma before we took him home, based on his behaviour. It honestly seems like we paid over $2300 for a rescue (and in many scenarios you’d likely know more about a rescue’s past than we do about our dog’s.…)

While we love our dog, I deeply regret that we didn’t properly research the company in advance, and question more before we made the purchase. You also don’t get to see the conditions of how the puppies live in their store. They also seem to be highly overpriced, especially based on how little they actually know (or tell you) about their puppies health and background. There’s so many red flags that I wish we saw before purchasing from them!! It truly breaks my heart.

Again, please go get a puppy from a responsible rescuer or breeder, and not from this place.