Fitz Puppies – Golden Retriever Breeding (Enfield, Connecticut)

  • 11 Jondot Dr, Enfield, CT 06082
  • Rated 5/5 with 2 verified reviews.
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Fitz Puppies – Golden Retriever Breeding Customer Reviews Summary

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Based on the reviews, it is clear that this breeder provides a positive and supportive experience for their customers. The breeder was willing to work with a first-time dog owner and provided guidance throughout the process.

Customers appreciate the breeder's willingness to take a chance on them and provide a puppy that would assist with their family member's higher-level autism. It is evident that the breeder prioritizes the well-being and happiness of their puppies, as customers describe their dogs as amazing, wonderful, and spoiled.

The breeder's support and guidance have allowed customers to feel confident in their ability to provide a loving and enjoyable life for their dogs. Overall, this breeder's dedication to their customers and their puppies' well-being makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to adopt a Golden Retriever.

Fitz Puppies – Golden Retriever Breeding Reviews

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Ernest Davis

My nephew purchase Max 2 years ago and the process was wonderful. We wanted him to be responsibility from the start since Max will be assisting him with his higer level autism. My nephew and his mentor work together with the breeder and it went smoothly and we now have Max who is stubborn,spoiled wonderful amazing dog. We going back to get a girl for a Max, Ella Mae to share their lives together. Max was your first dog and thankfully the breeder took a chance with us Newbie. It was not hard but stressful due to the fact we wasn’t sure if we was doing the best by Max never having a dog in your generation household. We finally just decided to make sure Max is love and he have fun everyday. We read a lot and video watching but most importantly pay attention to Max to know what he enjoys. I can’t wait till when we get Ella Mae, Max will be so happy and we also be ecstatic to complete your family.