Field Bred Golden Retrievers (Payson, Utah)

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Field Bred Golden Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Field Bred Golden Retrievers is highly recommended by multiple customers for their excellent breeding and care for their dogs. Customers appreciate the family-oriented and caring approach of the Erickson's and their dedication to producing well-trained dogs.

The breeder is praised for their communication and willingness to answer questions, as well as their ability to select the perfect dog based on the customer's needs. The dogs from Field Bred Golden Retrievers are described as having outstanding drive and desire, making them great hunting companions and running buddies.

Customers also highlight the breeders' expertise in training and commend the advice provided for working with intelligent and high-drive dogs. Overall, if customers are looking for an athletic dog for various activities, including running or hunting, they can confidently choose Field Bred Golden Retrievers.

Field Bred Golden Retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Amy Boehl

Highly recommend!

Our girl Kira is from the Reya/Champ 2021 litter. I loved working with Tyce and Rachel. I’m on the east coast but visit Salt Lake every year. When I was trying to pick a breeder I made a visit to their farm in January 2021 to meet them and their dogs. All of the dogs were beautiful and so well trained. It was clear Tyce was a good trainer and they care about their dogs. I was grateful they let me come out and meet them.

Rachel was great at communicating with me throughout the process. This was a new experience for me so I had a lot of questions. She answered them all. I also told her what I was looking for in a dog and wanted them to pick the dog for me versus me picking. Based on all of our communications, I trusted they’d pick a dog that suited our needs. I wanted an athletic dog (a given with their breeding) who would become my running buddy. I had a few other qualities I was looking for and after a year with my girl, it’s clear they delivered on their selection for us.

We ended up getting Kira sooner than we expected. I was willing to wait for the right dog but happy we were able to get her sooner. She has been everything I asked for. She’s my first dog. Even though I had dogs growing up, none of them were my responsibility and they were not working breeds with high drive.

Fair warning, these dogs have a lot of drive. I did a lot of research but it’s like having a kid. You don’t really know what to expect until you have them. Training a dog with drive is much harder than I realized, but rewarding. Early on I was struggling with training because I had no idea how to work with such a smart dog! I reached out to Tyce and Rachel and they gave me great advice. If I lived closer I would have put Kira in a formal program with Utah Bird Dog Training, Tyce’s business, but unfortunately it wasn’t an option for us being so far away.

Kira wants to please and is smart! We do a lot of puzzles, mental games, and have gotten into gun dog training. I didn’t expect to do that but Kira has a drive for retrieving birds and the sport is a lot of fun. It’s amazing to see her do what she was bred to do. She’s also very affectionate, is great with our cat, loves people (especially kids), and is has become a great buddy.

If you’re looking for an athletic dog for running, hunting, or other adventures, I can’t recommend Field Bred Golden Retrievers enough. When the time comes we’ll work with then again for another dog.


Heather Goodson

I found Field Bred Golden Retrievers after extensive online research in 2020. I had lost my previous pup and was looking for a golden that I might connect with. The Erickson’s website was the first thing that caught my attention. After looking at many breeder’s sites, they seemed family oriented, caring, doing this for the right reason. I spoke with Rachel Erickson on the phone multiple times and she answered many of my questions and had significant patience with me. I was lucky enough to make it on one of her lists and she called me as soon as she realized I could have a girl, despite preferencing a boy. I was so in need of another dog in my life, I jumped at the chance and said Yes. Six weeks later I flew across the country to pick up my girl and two years later she is the best thing in my life. I love her. She is the perfect addition to my family. I would recommend anyone looking for a classic retriever with a job in the field or a simple family pup to contact the Erickson’s.


Kirk Schumacher

It has almost been a year since we picked up our pup from FBGR. Each and every day since we have laughed more, and cherished our time with her. It is truly amazing what a properly bred pup she is. It was a long wait to get her but definitely worth the wait! I would highly recommend FBGR to anyone looking for a fantastic hunting companion and best buddy. Her drive, desire and nose is outstanding and is a pleasure to share the field with.