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English Manor Labradoodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have consistently praised this golden retriever breeder for the health, temperament, and beauty of their dogs. The breeder is described as knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy.

Customers appreciate the breeder's dedication to matching the puppy's temperament to the family's dynamic and ensuring that all puppies go to safe environments. One review specifically mentions the breeder's commitment to not allowing puppies to end up in unsafe environments.

Another customer expresses satisfaction with their dog's coat, teeth, eyes, and overall temperament. Additionally, customers have recommended this breeder to their friends who have also had positive experiences.

However, there is one negative review that mentions health issues in their dog, including seizures and joint problems, and expresses disappointment in the breeder's lack of references and customer service. Another negative review criticizes the breeder for lying about their membership in a certain organization and for providing a poorly groomed, flea-infested puppy.

This review also mentions dissatisfaction with the puppy's fearful behavior upon arrival. Overall, the positive reviews highlight the breeder's dedication to the well-being and happiness of their dogs, making them a recommended choice for potential customers seeking a golden retriever puppy.

English Manor Labradoodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Alla Lipnitsky

I would like to start off by saying that we are customers of English Manor Labradoodles since 2010 and all of our experiences with Joann and the pups have been wonderful. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and loves her dogs. Her dogs are healthy, have great temperaments, are easy to train, have beautiful coats and are great family dogs. We trust her opinion and often turn to her for advice on the breed. In the past we have recommended her to our friends, who also purchased puppies from her and they are very happy. She truly cares about her dogs and her reputation as a breeder that is why she matches the puppy’s temperament to the family’s dynamic. She would never allow for any of her puppies to end up in an unsafe environment which to me, is a great quality of a dog breeder. We would definitely get another puppy from Joann in the future!


andrew berman

My family could not be more happy with our dog from Corinne. At the time of writing this review our dog is 2 and a half years old. At her recent vet check up we were assured that she had a perfect coat, great teeth, great eyes, and her temperament is outstanding. She is really amazing. We put a lot of time into training her and in return she is very well behaved but still has a ton of personality. She plays well with my young kids and is patient with their friends. I don’t have one negative comment about her.



Theo is almost 1. I came here in February to pick up my little doodle boy (Sofia was his mom–we got to meet her and she was so cute and friendly!). He’s doing great now. He will be 1 on 12/4/17. Time has flown. It’s a great breeder (I’m all about rescuing animals, my boyfriend, however, was determined to get a doodle and promised me we can rescue or next dog) and I would recommend to anyone looking for a dog that doesn’t sheed and has a great temperament. Theo doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. I also came to this page to see if any of Theo’s “brothers or sisters” posted here because I want to know what they look like now too.

Overall, I would def come back to get another Australian Labradoodle (after my next rescue dog, of course!).


Laura Brescia

Awful customer service, never answer the phone, no message to even leave a message!!!

Would not recommend to anyone!!!!


larisa gavlina

I have a Labradoodle who is 8 years old .
When we were looking for puppy to get the owner kept saying how great and healthy those dogs are but couldn’t provide us with any references.
Be aware!!!! My dog is suffering from seizures so bad and Vet said that it’s more likely genetic. No meds can help to keep this under control.
Feel so bad for him and do everything we can to prolong his life no matter how much it cost us.
Very sad. also Vet told me that this breed known for joints problem and I see it now too.
Please shop around more before you get puppy.
Service at this facility also not best not to say more.


Jeryleen Fernandez

So let me start off by saying, my dog is amazing. I got him at about 15 weeks old. My problem here is the breeder herself. I drove about 3 hours to get him and prior I asked her if he would be groomed to which she answered yes and that she would bathe him. When I got him he smelled SO bad. Not to mention he was wet and shivering for his life. There is no doubt in my mind that all she did was hose him down and leave him in a crate to “dry off”. Not only that but he had FLEAS all over him. I called her and she gave me a run around saying she has other animals and it had been raining and blah blah blah. Not only that but when I came home to give him a bath his coat was matted and it was extremely dirty. The water when I rinsed was coming out brown. $4000 to get him smelly, coat matted, and with fleas???? Are you kidding me? That’s the high quality care and “TLC” you give these dogs Joann? Not even done here but I apparently paid more because he was trained specifically for therapy and he had been trained and socialized but when I brought him home he was extremely afraid of everything as if he had been abused, skiddish and squirming. I have no doubt in my mind that Joann does N O T take proper care of these dogs. I am extremely disappointed to realize this because on the phone she made it sound like sunshine and rainbows. I trusted her. Do better Joann. These are innocent souls.. and they deserve to be treated as such. A $4000 puppy should not be sent home smelly, wet, with fleas, and with a matted coat. You should be extremely ashamed of yourself. Please look into a different breeder. I love my baby and Im proud to say I rescued him because I will absolutely ensure I give him the best life he would’ve never had with them.