D’s Golden Delights (Conowingo, Maryland)

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D’s Golden Delights Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

D's Golden Delights breeder is highly recommended by customers who have purchased puppies from them. Customers praise the breeder for their professionalism, knowledge, and ability to breed beautiful and healthy dogs.

The puppies have blended well into families and have been easy to potty train. They have sweet temperaments, are easy to train, and sleep well through the night in their crates.

The breeder is responsive and helpful throughout the process. However, there is one negative review that highlights a negative experience with the breeder.

The customer felt pressured to send a deposit without meeting the breeder or the puppy's mother, and the breeder was more focused on the money than finding loving homes for the puppies. This negative review raises concerns about the breeder's customer service and transparency.

Another negative review mentions potential health issues with the puppies from the breeder, specifically problems with hips and knees. Multiple dogs from the same litter, including the reviewer's dog, have required ACL replacements and knee surgeries.

This negative review suggests that the breeder may not be breeding for optimal health and raises concerns about the long-term health of the puppies. Overall, customers have had positive experiences with D's Golden Delights breeder, praising the breeder's professionalism, knowledge, and breeding of beautiful and healthy puppies.

However, the negative reviews raise concerns about the breeder's customer service and transparency, as well as potential health issues with the puppies. Customers should consider these factors when making a decision to purchase a puppy from this breeder.

D’s Golden Delights Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Crazykids McShane

Our puppy Rocky will be 1 tomorrow! He has blended right into our family from the first minute he stepped into our home. He went right into his crate to get all of his new toys. Rocky is sweet, funny, happy, loves walks, swimming in the pool, chasing rabbits and attention! We have had goldens all of our lives and this one is so special. People stop me to say how pretty he is and he is so kind and friendly. He loves car rides and is often attending soccer and football games and any social gathering that allows dogs! I highly recommend D’s Golden Delights, she was professional, knowledgeable and breeds beautiful, healthy dogs! Thank you for this special addition to our family!


Marcia Eiler

Picked up our puppy Enzo last Wednesday. He is our 4th Golden and honestly the most amazing puppy. Very easy to potty train – you must be dedicated they don’t train themselves – but he’s only had 4 accidents in 5 days and all 4 were my fault. He actually prefers to go outside!! He already knows his name, comes when called and sleeps through the night in his crate. He is a healthy, solid, beautiful boy with a sweet temperament. He loves my 6 year old Aussi/lab mix – she’s conflicted and basically ignores my 2 cats who are curious but careful.


Tiffany Cavanaugh

We picked up our puppy last week, he’s been great. Only a few accidents the first two days and none since then, sleeps well in his crate through the night. Such a sweet dog! Dianna was great throughout the process thank you!


Jodi K

BEWARE!!!!! Backyard breeder! Beautiful Golden BUT so many problems with hips and knees..
After having my Golden 6 years.. he’s needed two ACL replacements and both knees replaced. He also is, just like how his father was.. HUGE..
We know three other people who bought from the same litter with the same problems! I would think twice about this breeder.. They are so many others out there who care how they breed their dogs!



Ashley Rabon

Dianna informed me that a litter was coming soon, so despite my better judgement I sent her a check after only a few email exchanges since they seemed to be a legit operation, and I wanted to ensure I got to pick the puppy I wanted. Before I sent the check she responded to every email within a few hours. I informed her on Thursday that I sent her the check and asked her a question, no response by the next day, so I emailed again Friday, and again Saturday, and Facebook messaged Monday morning. After not hearing from her by Monday night I was concerned that I had made a mistake sending a $400 check to a woman I had never met or spoken to on the phone and was now MIA. I do not think my concern was that ridiculous, but apparently it was. I sent Dianna an email, not asking for my deposit back, simply saying I was discouraged that I had not heard from her in the 5 days since I sent the check. This email she responded to an hour later saying she had responded to everything I sent her (simply not true) and that she would not accept my deposit. Their ‘affordable’ puppies are almost the same price as breeders who take the time to make sure you are happy with your choice, so I will go elsewhere.


Luv2Ride 14

I’m not really one to write bad reviews about people but I just felt like I needed to make people aware of what they have in store for them at D’s Golden Delights. I lost my golden over a year ago and finally decided it was time to get another puppy. It wasn’t an easy decision as we didn’t want to replace our beloved golden but we fell in love with the breed and just had to get another. After researching a few breeders I came in contact with Dianna at D’s Golden Delights. She was always so responsive and kept in contact with me as we waited for a litter to come. When I told her I was definitely interested she turned to “send the $400 check, send the $400 check” in every correspondence I had with her. I don’t know about you but just dropping a check of that amount in the mail to someone I have never met is just not something I was comfortable with. You would think a well known breeder like this would sense my hesitation and possibly offer me the choice of meeting her, or even meeting the momma of my future puppy. I let her know I was waiting for the litter to be born and then I would send the check. She rudely responds that the litter was born and I needed to overnight the check so she would have it by Saturday . So again, feeling pressured I asked if I could bring the check to her and meet her vs. just dropping a check in the mail. She said that would work but later that night she emails me with NO apology that the male puppy was no longer available and that he was given to someone who had put a deposit down on a female but since there were not enough females she would take the male.

I’m sorry but that is just not the way to do business. I am very disappointed and hurt by this whole experience. I had recommended her to a few people and I will now be retracting my words and letting them know that she is more interested in the $$ then finding wonderful and loving homes for her golden puppies.