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Doodles for Colorado Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Boulder Puppies is praised for their preparation and training of their puppies. Customers appreciated the crate training and early socialization, which resulted in well-behaved and well-adjusted puppies.

The breeder's commitment to providing a positive foundation for the puppies' transition to their new homes was highly valued. Additionally, customers mentioned the friendly and happy temperament of the puppies' parents, indicating good breeding practices.

However, one negative review mentioned a lack of professionalism during a phone call inquiry, urging potential customers to be cautious. Overall, Boulder Puppies offers well-prepared, well-behaved puppies and is recommended by satisfied customers.

Doodles for Colorado Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Manyu Gaddam

Marylou does a great job with her litters. We just got done with our first day with Duke and he was so easy to take care of. I’m a first time dog owner and I was originally super nervous for the first day because of all the things other dog owners have told me. He took a lot of naps in his crate and made sure to step out and let me know if he needed to go to the bathroom. Absolutely no barking, chewing on the furniture or anything like that ! He’s a really well behaved little guy for his age. Made a great decision by choosing to go with boulder puppies.


Joel Bacha

We are now on Day Four with our golden doodle bundle of joy (Lucky). Boulder Puppies did an excellent job of preparing both the pup and our family for homecoming at 8 weeks. The week of crate training before we picked up Lucky did wonders — he was familiar with the crate environment from the Day One and had already developed the instinct to go to the bathroom outside. This early start in crate training has been a huge blessing! The amazing work of Boulder Puppies was exemplified further during our first check-up with the vet, where the vet said THREE TIMES in in our 40-minute visit that “the breeder has done a good job” with, for example, deworming, nail cutting, nutrition and early socialization. We are grateful to Marylou and Brian for their commitment to “doing it right” and laying a positive foundation for Lucky’s transition to our home.


Claire van der Westhuizen

We couldn’t be happier with our sweetheart Eleanor! Mary Lou and Brian are just the best, and definitely know what they are doing raising these beautiful pups! Crate trained and almost potty trained – what a great start to our relationship. I love how mom Ivy was just such a happy, sweet soul. Eleanor has already bonded with my girls and become fast mates with our frenchie! I would definitely recommend getting a pup from Boulder Puppies!


Lanniey Lovely Day

My Service Dog was wantin an Emotional Support Dog of her very own! Sadly there’s no litters available any time soon.


Tai Collins

I called to get details about potentially getting a puppy. As soon as the phone was answered there was a really loud noise in the background, it sounded like a vacuum. The woman(who didn’t even give me her name) spoke to me as if she would rather be doing something else. As if she was really annoyed. I asked her to give me a little more information about the next litter considering they are asking for a hefty deposit upfront. She said and I quote “I don’t know ya know we get a lot of calls maybe winter I don’t know”. The call lasted 30 seconds and was so unprofessional. Think twice before you blindly send cash or a check to this business! Always call and see what your working with! Hopefully this will humble the person I spoke to on the phone because even though there wasn’t going to be a puppy for me in this summers litter I would have been more than happy to discuss upcoming litters if given the opportunity.