Dogwood Springs (Lindale, Texas)

  • 23876 County Rd 448, Lindale, TX 75771
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  • Rated 4.5/5 with 8 verified reviews.
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Dogwood Springs Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Colleen and Scott at Dogwood Springs are highly praised for their amazing work as breeders of golden retrievers. Customers appreciate that their dogs are well socialized and easy to train.

Colleen is known for being a reputable breeder, requiring potential owners to undergo a thorough vetting process before approving them to adopt one of her puppies. Customers mention that both parents of the litters are on-site, allowing them to observe their interactions before making a decision.

The breeder assigns the dogs to families based on their preferences, intentions, and living environment. Customers express their love and gratitude for their puppies, describing them as loving, affectionate, playful, and well-adjusted.

One customer even states that their puppy has become a beloved fixture in their professional office, providing comfort to patients. Colleen and her family are praised for their ethics as breeders and for being selective about who adopts their puppies.

Customers appreciate the care and dedication that goes into raising the puppies, resulting in healthy and well-adjusted dogs. The breeder is described as top-notch and deserving of customers who are serious about providing an optimal family structure, love, and environment for golden retrievers.

Overall, customers highly recommend Dogwood Springs and express their gratitude for finding such a wonderful breeder.

Dogwood Springs Reviews

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Richard Fulbright

After losing our beloved golden retriever after 14 years, we got a lead on a new litter. People with golden retriever culture may not appreciate that you have to be seriously vetted before reputable breeder will consider having you adopt one of their little children. We apparently made the cut. Colleen Maddox, who is the breeder of champion dogs, had both parents on-site. She had everyone interested in the litter combat to the house and the dog for about two months old to meet them. After observing them interact with their potential owners, she assigned the dogs to families based on their preference, their intentions, and the environment in which they could raise a dog. We again made the cut. We adopted Cosmo on January 7, 2017 and fell in love again, even though we weren’t sure we could do it after losing the dog who raised our children with us and with such a soulful and conflict-free fixture in our lives. Well, as it turns out, Cosmo has his own personality, very different from her old dog except he was very affectionate. In fact, he is most loving and sweet dog we have ever had. I am a psychologist, he comes my office daily. In fact, he hasn’t ever spent a full day alone at home since we adopted him. My patients love them, and he loves going to the office every day. While he is not a certified therapy dog, he provides love, levity, comfort, and just good vibes to everyone who comes into my office. He is amazing with people in wheelchairs and little kids, especially autistic kids. This is totally intuitive on his part, as he was never trained specifically. He is an athletic boy who loves to chase long-throw balls that I sling with the Chucker, the device that allows you to lever a throw into a 150-yard toss. He is the sweetest dog we have ever owned, as he just exudes affection and less delay all over you. Colleen and her family did a wonderful job of raising our pup to the point that we could adopt them. His mother’s name is Happy, and he certainly inherited a wealth of good genes from her. The dad is muscular, square-headed golden, and our boy sure has those blocky features as well. Colleen gave us a treasure who is well bred, immensely healthy, and wonderfully well-adjusted. He is a playful, somewhat mischievous guy, and we could not love him more. Same goes for my patients, who all adore him. I looked at my professional ratings on Google, and he got better ratings than I did!. All I can say is they are very conscious his breeders, ethical people, and very careful about who they allow to adopt their puppies. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to have the privilege and responsibility of taking care of this wonderful animal to whom we make every effort to give the best possible life. The only drawback is when he sees other dogs, he thinks they look cute, but he doesn’t always remember that he is a dog rather than a person. Such is life. With our kids being gone, he has been the most wonderful recipient of whatever love we can show him, and I think we have a good fit.

Don’t go see Colleen about golden retriever unless you’re absolutely serious about providing optimal family structure, love, and environment for golden retrievers, who were the most magnificent dogs on the planet – if you’re into those things, and we certainly are. Take a look at this face and tell me you can’t love him!


Nathan Risinger

Colleen and Scott are amazing to work with. My dogs from Colleen are very well socialized and are easy to train. Two thumbs up for dogwood springs.


Deborah Fusco

I found Dogwood Springs by seeing a beautiful Golden at a market and asked the owner the breeders name. Her dog exhibited all the quality features I wanted. I made contact with Colleen at D.S. and could tell by her answers she was top notch. Lucky for me, she approved me to be worthy of one of her pups. My home became complete Feb 2020 when I brought my bouncing 11lb baby Fred home. So smart and extremely healthy. No food allergies, stomach issues or diarrhea that I read others have. The love, dedication and experience that goes into these puppies are obvious. I was
so blessed to find Colleen and Dogwood Springs



Not a good experience. Breeder doesn’t return messages – red flag.