Denzil’s Goldens (Oroville, Washington)

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  • Rated 4.6/5 with 29 verified reviews.
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Denzil’s Goldens Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Denzil's Goldens is a highly recommended breeder with amazing and reliable Golden Retrievers. They are knowledgeable and guide you through the entire process of getting a new puppy.

Customers have had positive experiences with the breeders and are happy with the puppies they received. The dogs from Denzil's Goldens are complimented for being expressive, intelligent, and healthy.

However, there have been some negative reviews regarding organization and communication. One customer expressed frustration with delays and vague replies, resulting in a lack of confirmation for a puppy.

On the other hand, another customer pointed out concerns about breeding practices and the potential for genetic issues. It is advised for potential customers to do thorough research before purchasing a puppy.

Despite these criticisms, Denzil's Goldens is known for providing beautiful dogs, and many customers have had a great experience with this breeder.

Denzil’s Goldens Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.



My girl is almost 3 and I always get compliments, she is the most expressive and intelligent dog as well as perfectly healthy! I hope to get another Denzil’s golden in the future!


Rick North

We just picked up our cute puppy from Denzil’s Goldens today and she is a dream. Lauren and Cory are amazing breeders with the most gorgeous dogs. They walk you through all the steps of getting a new puppy.


Swathi Kommineni

We’re so lucky we found our dog of dreams from Denzil’s Goldens. They are amazing and very reliable in breeding one of the best Golden Retrievers. They delivered us our Golden puppy with just the traits we needed in our first dog as for us to have a great experience raising a puppy for the first time. Our puppy is now 10 months old and is a total sweetheart. Cory and Lauren were very helpful in the whole process and we are happy with the whole experience.


Ryan Smith

Irresponsible breeder! I spoke to them and they are planning an upcoming litter with a male and female who are both carriers of ICT/ICH. It is a recessive gene, so 25% or more of the puppies could be affected. They will downplay the significance of this, but you will not know how this can debilitate your dog until you have a dog with ICH. DO YOUR HOMEWORK before buying a puppy!


Hannah Katherr

My wife and I contacted denzils goldens and paid their non refundable $500 deposit back in AUGUST with them telling us we would be going home with a puppy end of November. We had preferences but with weeks of no confirmation and honestly sketchy and very vague replies we told them all we wanted was a happy healthy puppy male or female in any color. We asked about a wait list and how long to expect and kept getting pushed back. My wife and I had almost had enough and had told ourselves that we would just eat the $500 and messaged them to just see if they had any news. Coincidentally they had had a litter the night before and sent us pictures and everything telling us the puppies would be ready at the beginning of the new year. Maybe im wrong for assuming that one of those puppy would be ours even asking if for sure we would have a puppy with only vague replies (and also knowing they had a litter 2 weeks before with an extra female??). We got a long message from them today informing us they had no puppy for us. My wife requested the deposit back and thankfully they did send it back. But now we are back to searching for a golden retriever puppy after having high hopes from this place and stopping our search because we thought we had it. That’s 4 months of not confirming anything, time I could have used to find another puppy. When you are paying $2300 for a puppy having a little bit of organization would be nice to reassure costumers. I have wanted one of these beautiful dogs for so long. I feel like these people are biting off more than they can handle. That’s fine. I recommend maybe starting with a wait list and informing costumers more. I also recommend not advertising available females when you have a costumer waiting who ultimately you’re going to tell there is no puppy. I hope these people can learn to manage their business better. It’s just a puppy I am aware, but I’m so sad to not be getting one. I hope other people don’t have to be led on and let down