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D and G pups Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers purchasing a puppy from this breeder have consistently reported positive experiences. The breeder provides reasonable prices for their puppies and ensures that they come with all necessary vaccinations, microchips, and papers.

Additionally, they offer a year of discounted veterinary services, including free check-ups. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the breeder's kindness and helpfulness.

The puppies purchased from this breeder have been described as healthy and cute, with some owners considering it the best purchase of their lives. These positive reviews highlight the breeder's commitment to providing healthy puppies along with excellent customer service.

D and G pups Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


medora michaud

Got our two dogs here when they were puppies. One is a Maltese and the other Yorkichon. They are now 3 and 4 years old and very healthy. They came microchipped and were up to date with their first set of shots. Very reasonably priced as well. They are family now, thank you for the beautiful puppies.


Jem Fairy

I bought my first Yorkshire terrier puppy here in 2020 and I am very happy with my purchase. Reasonably priced and all vaccinations and papers were given to me at purchase with my dog being microchipped as well. Also, they send you to a vet and use their services for a year with discounts and no charge for check ups! Which was great! The owner was very kind, helpful and nice. My puppy is now almost 3 years and very healthy and super cute!!!! The best purchase in my entire life!!!! Extremely happy with my beautiful baby girl!!!


Amanda Caban

I have my baby for 3 years got her there when she was 3 Months her original name was expresó her new name is coco nest dog ever


Louise Campanello

Do not buy puppies, kittens, or any animal from a pet store/online, including this one. An animal being “USDA certified” means absolutely nothing. The USDA does not enforce even the very little regulations there are on puppy mills. They do not have the man power to check the 10,000+ mills in this country. The mistreatment of these animals is horrific. Think about this… where are the mill mom dogs that gave birth to these puppies you plan to buy at the store or online?… still at a mill living in deplorable conditions, being inhumanely treated with little to no food or water, no medical care, no exercise, cramped in small cages with wire flooring and force to have litter, after litter, after litter with no break in between… and I am sugar coating it, things are much worse for these poor innocent animals. Does the mill mom who birthed these puppies not deserve a loving life? Mill dogs are viewed as livestock/profit, once they can no longer produce they are inhumanely discarded. This has to end now. DO NOT SUPPORT PET SHOPS OR ONLINE RETAILERS, it is all just a pleasant front to sell sell sell for profit. This is a difficult topic but I beg you, please do your research, educate yourself and everyone you know. All the information on puppy mills is out there and very easily accessible.


Keera B

DON’T GO HERE. These people definitely displayed crook-like behaviors. Nowhere for you to sit with or play with the dogs. Only a crowded storefront, and they’ll shuffle the “puppy” out to you from the back. Staff wouldn’t let me go to the back to see the dogs. Only gave me a list. Charged an extra $100 for using a card. Staff gave me 3 DIFFERENT ANSWERS when asked how old the dog was. I was told 8 months, then 6 months (Paperwork showed completely different info of 1yr and some months and that was as of months if not a year before the day I was there- so the dog was almost 2 unless that wasn’t his paperwork). Business was not straight up about dog’s behaviors. I had to judge by just standing in front of him (as he wouldn’t move much until he happened to see a cat) and petting his head as he sat still with the staff member. Staff told me he was the perfect dog to watch movies and be playful with. When I saw the stark differences between he and his “sister” as far as energy and movement, I should’ve known something was wrong. No room to really experience seeing the dog with myself or other dogs. Staff had to lift the dog to take him for a quick wash. They also had to lift him to bring him to my car. Things I didn’t realize would be a problem until I had to lift the poor doggie EVERY TIME it was time to go outside/inside, go to the pee pad, or eat/drink. Family member came over to help me get him inside. He was a huge dog and I have physical issues preventing me from being able to lift him for every necessity. Had they said that when I specifically asked, I would’ve chosen another dog. Dog was hacking/coughing and limping when he did actually move. Due to suspected and observed illness symptoms, stoicism, lethargy, and mobility issues, I took the dog back 16 hours later. I told them everything going on. They refused to take the dog back and told me to find a rescue shelter. After I referred to my paperwork, they then stated that I could give him back if I paid $250. So not only was I refused a refund, but they wanted additional to even take him back in. I’m out almost $1000 for a dog I’ve had for less than a day. I even offered to pay for food, full groom, and other products. Nope. Inside the business at the register (according to my photos) it states that there are “No refunds WITHOUT RECEIPT.” I had a receipt. Their practices have shown to be deceptive and untrustworthy. I feel for the poor baby , but I tried to diffuse a situation that could’ve escalated to even bigger issues as soon as I could. I should’ve done more research and seen the reviews. Do NOT purchase your new addition to your family from here.


Kathleen Fox

Shut it down!!! So sad and cruel. Puppy mill… Dogs are sick, in warehouses, no AC… No vet care, no nothing! Know someone who couldn’t bare to leave the dog there. Had menge, kennel cough, skin & bones. There’s a “special” place awaiting the guy that owns this place… cruel, disgusting person.