Crystal Creek English Golden Retriever (Grabill, Indiana)

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Crystal Creek English Golden Retriever Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had positive experiences buying puppies from Crystal Creek. They appreciated being able to see all the puppies in person and interact with them before making a decision.

The breeder provided AKC papers, up-to-date shots, and a clean bill of health, giving customers peace of mind about the puppy's health. Reviewers highlighted the friendly and outgoing personalities of the puppies from Crystal Creek, as well as their good behavior and ease of training.

Customers expressed satisfaction with their purchases and mentioned that they would buy from Crystal Creek again. There was one review that mentioned concerns about the breeder only allowing grain-free diets for the puppies, which a vet advised against due to potential heart issues.

Another review mentioned a desire to see the mother and father of the puppy to gauge its eventual size. Additionally, one reviewer reported unusual behavior in their puppy, including biting, growling, and aggressiveness, leading them to suspect it came from a puppy mill and was overbred.

Overall, Crystal Creek receives positive reviews for their puppies' health, temperament, and the overall buying experience.

Crystal Creek English Golden Retriever Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Cody Noye

I bought my puppy, Reece, from Mahlon last July and love her so much. When I met Mahlon and saw the way he raised Reece, I knew I was getting a good one. He professionally raises all of his dogs and would recommend anyone to buy from Mahlon. My puppy socializes so well with others and has great behavior. Very easily trained coming from Mahlon and his family. Mahlon knows what he is doing and was very evident when going to get my puppy. All of them are very well taken care and Mahlon makes the process easy and fun. Thank you Mahlon


Justin Shoemaker

I bought Oakley from Crystal creek a year and a half ago. Buying from Crystal creek was a great experience, as I could see all the puppys at once and interact with them. I also had comfort in knowing I was geting a healthy puppy that came with AKC paper the same day as well as all up to date shots and a clean bill of health.

I am so pleased with her and the way she is. Truly an AMAZING dog! I have a 3 year old Rottweiler as well, I have to say they are best freinds! They never each other’s side.
Oakley is a very sweet and down to earth dog. She has her calm and sweet side and a very energetic, playful side.
Oakley is a very friendly dog. Great personality for a Goldie. She’s sweet and affectionate. She’s great with other dogs and friendly towards people. She walks pleasantly on a leash. A Very happy and outgoing dog.
I would 100% buy another golden retriever from Crystal creek again!
Thank you so much for an amazing experience!


Marlene Lengacher


Amazing people, they where very patient answered all of my questions they helped me find the perfect puppy for my family I’m very thankful for Crystal Creek English Golden Retrievers


Susie Farrington

We got a beautiful golden from Crystal Creek on July 14th, 2021. Jason, the younger brother, was very accommodating because we were late getting there due to traffic from Chicago. They are one of the few breeders allowing in person puppy pick up during Covid.

This breeder said they only do 3 litters per year – a good sign they are not a puppy mill. The farm was very clean but I could not see inside the barn or see any of the other dogs. I would have liked to have seen the mother and father to gauge how big my puppy would get.

The only strange thing is that Jason gave me the puppy food they use and said we have to give her a grain free diet or her 2 year warranty would be void. My vet said that a grain free diet would give her a heart condition. Vet was happy that my puppy came without worms and bacteria associated with breeders in IN lately.

UPDATE: it’s been almost a year since we picked up our Golden. She most definitely exhibits weird traits like biting, growling and aggressiveness that are not normal for goldens. She digs holes all over our garden. She has attacked us and chewed up blankets, shoes, carpets. She has eaten handkerchiefs, towels, earrings and sunglasses. We’ve had her to a trainer, and in his opinion, our dog most likely came from a puppy mill and is overbred.