Creekside Puppy Adoptions (Humboldt, Illinois)

  • 4830 1600N, Humboldt, IL 61931
  • +1 217-549-6555
  • Rated 4.5/5 with 74 verified reviews.
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Creekside Puppy Adoptions Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Creekside Puppy Adoption is a highly recommended breeder that provides exceptional customer service and takes good care of their puppies. Customers appreciate the clean and spacious facility, as well as the regular updates and communication about the puppies.

The breeder also provides necessary paperwork and items for the puppy's well-being. However, it is worth mentioning that some customers expressed concern about not being able to see the parents of the puppies in person.

Despite this, the parents' information is available on the website and in the paperwork. Overall, customers are happy with the healthy and well-adjusted puppies they received from Creekside.

Creekside Puppy Adoptions Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Catherine McKenzie

Creekside Puppy Adoption and Leo (AKA Norman) will go down as one of my better decisions in life. He is absolutely the best dog I have ever had. My husband and I are empty nesters after raising 4 kids and Leo has definitely filled our house and hearts with so much love. Leo is a Cavapoo that is healthy, playful and affectionate. He quickly acclimated to our house, learned his name and sit (for a treat) in a short amount of time and is pure joy. You can tell he has good genes (parents) and was well taken care of before purchase. Creekside made everything easy with good communication, pictures and extra video of dog sent on request, and a quick transaction. I would highly recommend them. And if you want a dog that is smaller, mellow, affectionate, smart, and will go on walks you, the Cavapoo is an excellent choice.


Rosie Liu

I am incredibly grateful to have found Creekside Puppy Adoption and to have connected with Beth during this process. Thanks to their outstanding service and commitment to the well-being of the puppies, I now have a furry companion who brings immeasurable joy to my life.


Dr. Lisa

I appreciated the patience with our family, puppy updates, & overall customer service from Creekside. The facility was very nice, clean, & large. Our puppy was well taken care of & healthy. We received a clean bill of health from our Veterinarian as well. Creekside gave us our puppy’s shot records, other paperwork, & some needed items such as a leash to get us started inside of a new bag! The only concern I had was not being able to see his parents. However, the parents are posted on the Creekside website, & details about them are in our paperwork. We are happy & recommend Creekside. We love our little guy!! Update: New photos, one year later. Healthy boy! Smaller than we thought, but strong, playful, & full of energy.


Michelle Thompson

Do not buy from here!!! I believe this is a puppy mill. I have had my dog for 10months and have spent thousands on health issues. I love my dog to death but never will I buy from someone where I don’t get to meet the dog parents and see where the dog was born.


Hayley Wagner

Red flags EVERYWHERE!!!!! Multiple breeds of dogs, doodles, Goldens, aussiedoodles = PUPPY MILL and PUPPY BROKER. How much are all of you paying for these puppies? Where are they kept? Where are they born? Did you meet the parents? Do they offer drop-ins?


Bree Norrell

This place will lie to you. Pretty much I got my boxer puppy from a puppy mill. The pictures of the parents on the site, are the not the parents. I demanded to see the parents on site and at first they couldn’t do it and then when I got there they had a mom and it was different than the one on the site. Also. My puppy ! So malnourished. I wish I could take upload the picture of him. It’s sad .